About Me

I guess I've put off writing something here for long enough. Most of the people who read this blog already know me quite well but for those who don't...

I'm stubborn, shallow, opinionated, and selfish but I have endless amounts of love and compassion for my family, pets, and a few close friends. I have trouble with commitment in any form b/c I change my mind so quickly. I like to make plans but don't necessarily like to follow through on them. I enjoy buying things on Amazon but dream of de-cluttering my life. I've always wanted to get my pilot's license b/c I'm fascinated by planes but I hate flying on large ones trapped in a tight space with potentially infectious strangers.

I love the water, especially being out on a boat or simply floating. I can't stand NC humid, breeze-less heat. I make up words. I've chosen not to have kids and to ignore the countless people who have an opinion about that choice. I want to be a writer but have yet to figure out what to write about. I have a horrible memory. I think "LOTR", "Harry Potter", and "Pirates of the Caribbean" are the greatest films of all time and I can watch them over and over again. I don't like watching sports on TV but I can tolerate NASCAR- go Edwards #99! I'm addicted to tattoos.

I'm wildly entertained by farts and cannot understand how people maintain a straight face in the midst of a very loud, stinky one. I like to sleep, which is humorous considering I hated to do it as a kid. I'm grossly fascinated by infectious diseases. I'm clumsy and stub my toes, jam my fingers, cut myself with my own fingernails, and drop things frequently. I hate FB but I can't seem to give it up. I can't stand bad drivers and I absolutely loathe people who text while driving.

I hate dump trucks, especially ones with a sticker that says "not responsible for broken windshields". I love spring and fall when the weather is starting to change, although I feel NC has been ripping me off on those seasons the past few years. I want to travel but I can't stop buying other things long enough to save money for said travel. I enjoy being lazy. I easily get stuck on the newest health fad (see: coconut oil, flax seed  raspberry ketones, green juices, Paleo diets, etc, etc) but never stick to them long enough to find out if they really work or not.

I hate coffee but love creamer so I drink a little coffee with a lot of creamer. I can't stand exercising but damned if I don't feel and look better after I do it. I want my hair short when it's long and long when it's short. I like to get bangs and then hate them and swear I'll never get them again a month later. I enjoy songs that remind me of something, somewhere, or someone. I prefer recorded music to live concerts. I love seafood, especially crab legs and raw oysters.

I think flowers are beautiful but I have a black thumb and always manage to kill the ones I have. I frequently want to try new outdoor sports but once I do, I get paranoid that I'll break something b/c of my clumsiness. I love to eat but hate to cook. If I were a millionaire I'd own a cupcake bar and beer brewery b/c I wouldn't be worried about going broke every time people decided cupcakes and beer were no longer "in". I believe that if you hit an animal on the road you shouldn't leave it to suffer. I also believe people should spay/neuter their pets and not purchase animals from breeders and puppy mills.

I have more compassion for animals than I do humans. I support our troops 110% b/c they're willing to do what I won't, but I'm starting to lose pride in my country as a whole. I think marijuana should be legal in all 50 states; maybe people would be less angry. My mouth waters when I think about my Dad's smoked salmon he's perfected. I'm extremely thankful that I was blessed with super-supportive parents. I love being at the lake on a warm day. I also love family reunions.

My wedding day was awesome and will forever be the greatest party ever thrown in a backyard. I think my husband is at his hottest when he's snow skiing or water skiing. I love cats but hate litter boxes. I still do math with my fingers. I wish I were more creative and artsy. I make really loud popping noises with both ears but I didn't realize just how loud for many years. I could live in flip flops. The only time my toenails look nice is when my youngest sister gives me a pedicure.

Feet, mouths, and armpits gross me out. I went through laser hair removal- it did not work and yet hurt like a b*tch. I can't stand hair touching my skin any where but my scalp is too lumpy for me to go bald. My favorite colors are purple and green. I have a harder time dealing with a pet's death than a person's. I took piano lessons from my Grandma for 12 years growing up and I still have trouble reading music.

My husband and I went to high school together but I picked him up 10 years later on FB; when we started dating cross country I was scared to death he'd have cankles and I'd have to end it before it started. I don't ever get to visit relatives as much as I'd like to. I am pro-choice, pro-capital punishment, believe rapists should be castrated, am against illegal immigration, support same-sex marriage, own a gun (and will use it if someone threatens my safety), and think that people on welfare should be required to take drug tests.

I believe in a God- although not necessarily a specific one, think America should worry about their own people before everyone else's, and am of the solid opinion that teachers, nurses, firefighters, soldiers, and cops should make more money than professional sports players or celebrities. I respect other people's opinions as long as they respect mine. Did I mention I'm opinionated?


  1. What is your definition of "shortly"?

  2. Shortly: several months
    Longly: several years


  3.  "I love to eat but have to cook" - is that supposed to say hate? It all sounds accurate to me!


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