Sunday, September 27, 2015

RNIA (Clearly not coming up with stuff to say again)

eating/drinking: water. i need to go get breakfast but just haven't yet.

feeling: decent. still a little sore from a procedure last week but otherwise okay.

listening: to the ac in the office. it's extremely loud.

watching: absolutely nothing. they frown upon tv entertainment in the workplace.

reading: "state of fear" by michael crichton. i've read it once before, remember loving it but not anything else about it, so i'm recycling.

loving: that fall is here. the rain is a damper but the cooler temperatures are awesome.

disliking: that i have a funny rash on my tattoo that won't go away, and no one knows what it is.

thinking: i'm hungry. i need to exercise more. i'm tired of peeing so much.

hoping: my sister's bachelorette party and wedding will go smoothly.

wishing: for world peace. and to win the lottery.  same as always. oh, and that my sister, bil, and nephew lived on this continent.

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