Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Long Awaited Blog Post

Okay, so I admit that I've been unusually slack with the blog lately. Like, 6 months slack. But that's okay because, for now, I'm back. It could be a temporary return, but I've had this blog for 8 years so I don't foresee it ever really going away permanently. There's been a lot happening, but for whatever reason(s) I never had any desire to talk about it on here. This past year was probably the roughest in my short lifespan and as I've gotten older I've felt less inclined to complain for the world to see; I reserve that punishment for my loved ones. However, since I know some people are curious, I'll sum up the past 6 months with my beloved bullets. After this post the plan is to participate in NaBloPoMo for September in hopes of getting my groove back.

  • I dropped out of grad school. At first I was pretty embarrassed about it but now it doesn't bother me at all. I wasn't meant to be a nurse practitioner and, despite doing really well in my classes, I spent a good chunk of my time crying out of sheer misery. Which leads to...
  • I went through about a year of full blown anxiety and depression. We're talking therapist and shrink visits, many (MANY) psychotropic medications, and lots of $$$ (not to mention a butt load of weight gain from all of those super nifty meds). Not shockingly, once I dropped out of school, it all just stopped. Now I'm med-free and feel perfectly fine again. Damn school was my mental breakdown trigger. It just goes to show that you shouldn't force yourself to do something you hate.
  • I had to make the excruciatingly tough decision to let Stetson go back in May. His mobility had gotten worse, and while he was still happy, eating, playing with toys, continent, and taking [slow] walks he had a lot of trouble getting up, would fall down sometimes, and dragged his back feet more and more. I had to carry him (at 70lbs) up and down the steps every night because they were too steep for him. His quality of life wasn't that bad, but after giving me almost fourteen years of unconditional love I felt I owed it to him to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge on a good day rather than wait until he started truly suffering. When he passed (we found a home euthanasia vet) he did so surrounded by people that loved him, in his home, with a belly full of steak and Chick-Fil-A nuggets.
  • I've started working out and have stuck with it for 3 months, almost religiously. I've been doing cardio and strength training, and while my muscles are getting bigger I haven't lost a single pound. Alister likes to call me "Beast Mode" and squeeze my biceps, and whenever I complain about still being thick he says "Who cares? You can kick major ass now". I guess it's a decent trade-off.
  • I'm studying for my personal trainer certification. It's a slow process but the goal is to be IN-SHAPE by the time I'm certified. Who wants a chunky PT?
  • I haven't had any more issues with kidney stones, so yay for that. I'm hoping that my 1 beer and 100 ounces of water a day is preventing future ones, but those hopes aren't very high given my history with them.
  • I've slowly been getting better at wake boarding, and this summer I finally started jumping the wake as opposed to just riding in the center. Because of the progression I've also had some impressive face plants. My current state of whiplash is proof.
  • I'm still at the same job, ie one where I don't have to touch strangers' butts and I love it. Eventually I'll go back to bedside nursing (or find another career) but for now I'm in limbo as I wait to see if Alister gets into CRNA school or not (which would decide whether we move next summer...or not).
  • I've gotten to spend some wonderful quality time with my husband, immediate family, and in-laws at the lake these past few months and it's a good reminder that I'm very blessed to have those people in my life. Especially since I'm antisocial and can't stand making other friends. And I'm too lazy to maintain the friendships I already have. I'm such an asshole.
  • I'm looking forward to my sister, Sam, marrying her wonderfully awesome fiance, John on Halloween of this year. My sister is a handful (well, that's one word for it) and anyone who can love her for who she is is a winner to me.

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