Thursday, February 5, 2015

Random Update Time

I've let the blog go, as usual, but I know some people still check this for updates on my life so here goes:

  • The pets are all hanging in there. 
    • Indy is due for a dental cleaning but it was delayed due to a respiratory infection. His IBD and kidney disease are apparently well under control as he is maintaining his usual weight and his lab work a few weeks ago showed everything was better than they had been. Yay!
    • Stetson is actually doing okay. I bought him a pair of skid resistant booties to wear on his back feet and surprisingly, he likes them! He actually prances around with them on and his energy levels have picked up. Between restarting his supplements and the booties, he seems to feel better. I suppose he was feeling his right foot drag which was causing him to slow down.
    • Baer is his usual stubborn self. I'm pretty sure he's going to live forever.
    • Penny goes for her 2 month ultrasound tomorrow to see if the pancreatitis has gotten any better. She seems to be acting fine but it would be nice to know if we're actually having any improvement or if something else needs to change.
  • School is...going. I'm not a fan of this semester as neither class has struck an interest for me. I'm also delayed in starting my clinical rotation and that has added a lot of unnecessary stress.
  • Alister is still waiting to hear from CRNA school. He's stressed out about that so needless to say, we're a fairly stressed out couple these days.
  • Aside from pets and school, very little is happening. Our hospital has switched to a new charting system that hasn't been user friendly and that is also, wait for it, causing stress! However it's here to stay so we just have to stick it out.
I hope everyone is doing okay and enjoying the last few months of winter!