Tuesday, January 6, 2015


eating/drinking: a turkey and havarti sandwich, honey BBQ chips, and water

feeling: okay actually. i'm just happy to have the stent out

listening: to the tv, the trash truck outside

watching: love it or list it, too. my mom got me addicted to this show. i feel like people bitch way less on this one than on house hunters

reading: still (yes, still) working on "unbroken" and "harry potter"

loving: that this stent is out. people just don't understand

disliking: that all of my pets are getting old, that school starts next week and i can't buy books until the refund goes through, that our tahoe keeps going bobo

thinking: i really need to exercise and lose this holiday poundage and i will be starting today. i've also signed up for a 5k every month through april so hopefully that's motivation

hoping: this semester goes more smoothly than the last one. my pets age gracefully

wishing: for world peace. and to win the lottery. and not to pay taxes this year...or ever. and to be done with school

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