Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Thievery & Surgery (Not Related)

Dear Person(s) Who Stole My Starbucks Gold Card and/or Macy's Card:

The cards are closed and they are also reported stolen. Please stop wasting your time and trying to log into my account in hopes of buying something and/or reloading my card(s). I only ask this because every time you try, and get yourself locked out of the website, it is sending ME an email informing me of this. I am now receiving these emails daily. I have re-contacted both Macy's and Starbucks to make sure that you are unable to use these cards even if you manage to hack in using the correct password. Please, let it go (cue "Let It Go" tune from "Frozen").

Dear Person(s) Who Stole My Entire Groupon Account:

Screw you for ruining Groupon for me. I hope your nose gets eaten off by tiny robotic killer piranha's next time you attempt to take a bubble bath or swim in a large body of water so that everyone knows you are the douche who attempted to buy a laptop with my money.

Sincerely Yours

On a positive note, I do feel better today, and just knowing that I'm kidney stone free is amazing. I was lucky that my mom was willing to stay overnight to make sure I kept breathing so that Alister could work, and this time (with the previously dry aching throat post-extubation) seems to be a better recovery. Last time my throat hurt so badly I thought I had strep and lived on cough drops. This time I can actually eat without choking!

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