Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The Never Ending Drain

I love my pets, as they are my kids. However, I made the mistake of discontinuing their pet insurance years ago when it was never getting used and the premiums were increasing, and now I'm paying for it (literally). Although Penny's pancreatitis seems to be improving, Indy is headed to the vet today because his anal glands appear to be bothering him...again. For those who don't know what AG's are, they're sacs on each side of the anus that secrete a substance that dogs and cats can secrete/spray in times of stress or fear. They're also the glands that dogs are smelling when they shove their noses up each other's butts.
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Unfortunately, anal glands need to be emptied to keep them from "clogging up" and this is usually done when the animal is having solid bowel movements. The "hard" feces pushes against the glands and empties them as the animal defecates (gross, I know). Enter Indy and his IBD. Due to the fact that he has occasional diarrhea, and scar tissue from a previously abscessed gland, he is prone to clogged and infected glands. He is also prone to attacking the vet when she tries to empty them (which in his defense, it hurts) and therefore has to be sedated for it to happen ($$$). Unfortunately we are up to having them emptied and infused with antibiotics and I feel like it's getting to be too much. I'm not sure if there are any home remedies for anal gland issues, but he's already getting fiber and probiotics in his food. Usually surgery is recommended, but after seeing what Stetson went through after having one removed, and knowing the risk of incontinence especially with both removed, I can't bring myself to agree to it.

If anyone out there has any suggestions, please, hit me with them. I don't know how much more either of us can take and I'm desperate for something natural/homeopathic that can give him relief without surgery.

Note: Vet bills do NOT bring me joy. Sorry NaBloPoMo!

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