Sunday, December 7, 2014

Six Things Sunday

I totally crapped out on writing a 5 Things Friday, so in order to catch up here's a Six Things Sunday:
  • School: I have ONE exam left and then my first semester of grad school is over. I firmly believe that only those in or who have been in grad school will appreciate that!

  • Penny: Penny seems to be improving...until her feeding tube clogged last night and no amount of Coke has managed to un-clog it. Fast forward to my husband pulling a nursing de-clog trick that I won't admit to and now it works well. The big picture: that cat just "don't care".

  • Indy: He helped me study for finals all week; he's such a sweet boy and he even covers the papers so I can't read them.
  • Quotes: Two of my new favorites, compliments of Dr. Seuss

  • Stetson: He's old but still handsome, and with the exception of irritating allergies and skin infections, is doing well as an old man.
  • Jordan Essentials: As mentioned in a previous post I have become a consultant for Jordan Essentials. While I am super excited about having a small career with them and using their products, I'm already finding that being a salewoman is hard. I hate "no" so that something to work on. However, if anyone reading wants to try something let me know- I can get some samples!

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