Sunday, December 28, 2014


eating/drinking: just water as i have started putting down several liters a day in hopes of keeping this stent from getting too uncomfortable

feeling: irritated that i have to go back for surgery tomorrow but otherwise okay

listening: to the washer and dryer, the tv, stetson pacing 

watching: harry potter and the order of the phoenix, part of harry potter weekend on abc family

reading: still working on "unbroken" and "sinjin" by hp mallory

loving: my family and pets

disliking: see "feeling", that stetson seems so uncomfortable at times but that according to the vet it's just his "canine dementia" as he is on very strong pain meds for his arthritis, that i can't buy my books for school until after i get my refund mid-january and i really want to be a dork and get a head start, cleaning the house

thinking: i really need to exercise and lose this holiday poundage but since i can't until the stent is out, that i need to quit cramming everything i see in my mouth, especially sugary items. that i really appreciate my mom staying with me after surgery tomorrow night so alister can work, even though they have family staying with them

hoping: the same as last week; that the next surgery will work and that my pets can keep their health together for at least a month. actually, let's be crazy and aim for 2 months

wishing: all of my pets could age gracefully, without pain, and be able let me know when they're ready to cross the rainbow bridge

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