Monday, December 22, 2014


eating/drinking: lemon water, it's supposed to be good for the bowels

feeling: frustrated that i have to go back for surgery again next week and that i have to have this uncomfortable stent in over christmas

listening: to alister stomping up the steps, baer snoring, indy purring, the washing machine 

watching: nothing now but we just finished pirates of the caribbean: curse of the black pearl

reading: still working on "unbroken" 

loving: my family and pets

disliking: see "feeling"

thinking: i'm glad the pain has gotten much better so that i don't have to be cracked out on pain meds all the time; i need to wrap gifts for thursday

hoping: that the next surgery will work and that my pets can keep their health together for at least a month this time

wishing: as always, that i could win the lottery that i never play and that my house in greenville would just magically sell itself

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