Saturday, December 13, 2014


eating/drinking: moscato. we had yellow curry for dinner and it was good stuff

feeling: a little nervous but otherwise okay. my surgery is thursday and i'm a little concerned about being intubated, but i guess it's not open heart

listening: to the tv and my cat purr

watching: monday's castle

reading: "unbroken". we saw the preview for the movie last week and i can right home to get the book!

loving: that school is out for the semester. then again, it starts again sooner rather than later. also that my mom found me a clinical placement for the spring. according to the last email from my school, clinical placements are tough pickings

disliking: that i'm lacking some holiday spirit. that my pets always seem to be sick. that we're broke b/c of the pets even though they're my kids

thinking: this house is dirty. do i procrastinate and clean it? or leave it until alister gets so annoyed he cleans it? (same as last time)

hoping: my surgery goes smoothly. christmas is enjoyable. my career with JE takes off

wishing: i could eat anything i wanted, never exercise, never gain weight, and yet not be a skinny-fat person on the inside. (same as last time)

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