Monday, December 1, 2014

NaBloPoMo Prompt #1

Prompt: What do you do when you're down to bring yourself a little joy?
It actually depends on what it is bringing me down. I've discovered that I cope with different things in different ways so I have a variety of pick-me-ups I may try...
  • Take a nap: Sometimes things are better when I just sleep it off!
  • Read a non-school book: Not that I don't LOVE my textbooks, but doing this allows me to escape, usually into a ridiculously fantasized world that ends with me rolling my eyes and swearing not to read anything from that author again. Thank you Book Bub.
  • Take a walk with the dogs: This only works when the dogs are behaving but fresh air is definitely helpful, even if it contains a little city pollution.
  • Laird: I love spending time with that kid, which I guess is good since I'm his aunt and godmother. Hopefully he continues to be a joy rather than growing into a pain-in-the-ass teenager! Even when I'm down his goofy butt makes me feel better.
  • Drink a beer or a glass of wine with or without bubble bath: Sometimes a drink and a hot bath with epsom salts is the most relaxing thing ever...or just a yummy beer or giant glass of wine. I'm not picky.
  • Talk about it: My poor mom has heard more than she's ever needed to, but she's an excellent "free therapist" and she usually makes me feel better. My actual therapist is awesome too, but she costs an arm and a leg.
  • Get somebody something: I always seem to find some sort of pleasure in making or buying someone something they've wanted or may enjoy; I spend way too much at Christmas because I love seeing people's reactions to gifts but giving a random one gives me pleasure.
  • Cupcakes.
  • Watch a Hallmark movie: They're so bad that they're good, plus they make for an excellent distraction from whatever or whomever is upsetting me. Sadly, I watch them so often that I have preferred Hallmark movie actors/actresses!
  • Boating/skiing/wake boarding/tubing/snowmobiling: Among other things, these activities make me feel better...actually, they usually make me feel damn good except when I face plant!
  • My family & pets: If you know my family, it's self-explanatory, and I mean the entire immediate and extended ones. If you know my pets, well, they can be stressful but they love me unconditionally and are always happy to see me.
  • Hug my husband (or another loved one): I've never been a big hugger, but I've been told I give good hugs and sometimes, they do make me feel better.
What do YOU do when you're feeling down to bring yourself joy???

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  1. Wallow. Look at pictures. Take a shower. Hug my kikis, Laird and/or Kris if they're around. Eat chocolate :)


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