Friday, December 26, 2014

Five Things Friday

Time for another Five Things Friday which of course will be semi-Christmas related!
  1. My purple robe. My MIL gave me an awesome Kim Rogers robe for Christmas- super soft and in the perfect color. I have lived in it at home and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Also, clearly the picture is not of me- it's from the Belk's website- but the model looks much better in it than I do with my post-holidays poundage. 
  2. My hot plate. My sister Sam made me an amazing hot plate for Christmas. I love that she came up with the idea and executed it on her own (with a little help from an older elf). I will definitely keep and use this for many years to come. 
  3. Wasabi Peas. My sister sent these to my mom and I stole them; I'm not a huge Wasabi fan but boy, are dried peas covered in it good!
  4. More surgery next week. I go in on Monday for a second pass at getting this bastard of a kidney stone out. I'm desperately crossing my fingers that my surgeon can accomplish this because let's be honest, me having so many kidney stones at my age is absolutely ridiculous and needing 3 procedures to get at 1 initial stone is beyond that.
  5. My mom's cookies. Enough said.

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