Friday, December 19, 2014

Five Things Friday

It hasn't been an overly busy week but here goes:

  1. Kidney stones. They're not out despite all of my finger crossing and praying. It wasn't fun and it doesn't feel good but I get to look forward to it again in a week and a half. Maybe then I'll have more luck.
    Anxious smile on left, tired smile on right
  2. Indy. He ended up at the emergency vet with infected anal glands....again. I'd love it if the vet and I could figure something out because I'm pretty sure we've seen her enough this year to buy her a nice car. Also, she knows my cell number by memory which in a way is unacceptable.
  3. Pinterest. I'm once again addicted to that site. I've found so many cool ideas on it lately and I actually have the free time to try many of them. Speaking of, if anyone in Raleigh can save wine bottles or beer bottle caps for me, please do.
  4. Baking. My mom, sister, and I spent an afternoon on Wednesday baking. While my mom did most of the baking, and I made mimosa's and taste-tested, it was still a fun time.

  5. Jordan Essentials. Even though I sell the stuff, I'm in love with the salt scrub and shea butter in the oatmeal, honey, and milk scent. My skin is baby butt smooth, even in places where I usually have dry skin or ingrown hairs. I highly recommend giving any of it a try. You can order here or on the link to the right.

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