Friday, December 12, 2014

Five Things Friday

Per the [recently implemented] usual, here's 5 things from this week that have happened or that I'm enjoying:
  1. Jordan Essentials. I became a consultant to make a little money on the side but I've discovered that I absolutely love their products. They have a fragrance called "Oatmeal, milk, and honey" and honestly it smells just like almond butter; so good I almost want to eat it! Plus I can customize that fragrance into most of the products which is awesome. Alister actually likes the smell too so I'm going to attempt to get him hooked on the 4Men line.
  2. Penny. She went to the vet today for a follow-up ultrasound of her pancreas which showed some improvement, but still pancreatitis. The vet and I decided to pull the feeding tube since she hates it and is eating fairly regularly (hopefully it stays that way). The vet mentioned that we could stop the pain meds and pepcid but she'll get them a while longer; people are uncomfortable with any pancreatitis so I don't want her miserable. Right now she's home and obsessively grooming herself but seems happy not to have a tube flopping around.
  3. Free-time. I have a ridiculous amount of free time right now. Even though I'm out of school, I'm still only working part-time since my break isn't that long, and I'm having serious issues figuring out what to do with all of this extra time. I never thought I'd be one to say "I'm bored" but I called my mom the other day and said just that. However I did think to pull out my acrylic painting supplies and while I'm no Picasso at least I have something to occasionally enjoy!
  4. Hallmark movies. I am addicted to Hallmark Christmas movies. They're sappy, ridiculous, fantastical, and silly, but they make me feel all warm, fuzzy, and doofy inside for just a few hours.
  5. Grad school. I finished the semester with all A's aka a 4.0. Go team! I was originally just wanting to pass my classes, but I feel like I achieved some redemption considering I pretty much failed out of UNCW the first time I went there. You can't get below a B in grad school anyways but I can still be proud of all A's.

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