Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Day

As is the usual when you work in a hospital, today doesn't feel much more different than any other day. Even though Alister and I have decorated and there are wrapped gifts under our [small tabletop] tree, we both work today, which unfortunately can put a damper on our holiday spirit. While I do love my job, seeing people get admitted to the hospital on one of the biggest and most family-oriented times of the year can be rather depressing.

When I was young, my family would go to church on Christmas Eve, and for many years we'd head over to my Grandma Tripp's house afterwards to unwrap a few gifts a little bit early. As we got older, going to church became a battle with my parents (God bless them) and not until I got into my 30's did I realize how special that tradition was. This year Alex, Kris, and Laird are in Tokyo and as I mentioned above, Alister and I are both working. All of my grandparents have passed and both sides of the family remain scattered across the country. As I'm sitting at my desk tonight I'll no doubt take a minute to remember some of my own Christmas Eve memories, especially standing in church with my parents and sisters, lip-syncing to "Joy to the World" with a packed congregation (hey, I can't sing).

That being said, I hope everyone has a SAFE, relaxing, joyful, & memorable Christmas Eve tonight. Try to enjoy the time that you have with the people you're around because life is always changing, and one should take every opportunity to make as many good memories as possible.
Penny agrees on relaxing!

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