Saturday, December 27, 2014

15 in 2015

Several years ago, I found a post by another blogger that listed the 10 things she wanted to accomplish in 2010 (11 in 2011, etc), and I thought it was a really neat idea.  For the most part, I've managed to write one of these posts *almost* every year since 2010, and although I've been a slack blogger more often than not it's still time for the 2015 one. I'm realizing this post may not make it many more years, as it's increasingly harder to find new things to accomplish in a year, but here is my 15 in 2015. Some of the goals are borrowed from last year because I never completed them (actually, most of them) but the majority are new:
  1. Get straight A's. Granted, grad school only allows you to get A's or B's but how cool would it be to graduate a program summa cum laude?
  2. Get flat(ter) abs. I haven't been pregnant- I shouldn't look like it. I'm accepting that my body is not built for an actual 6-pack but I don't like that I can squish my belly into a donut shape and talk about Krispy Kreme with my belly button.
  3. Get back into running. I continue to despise running but it's the cheapest and easiest way to lose weight and not gain more. I'll probably blow out a knee or something in the meantime but at least I keep trying.
  4. Be cleaner. I can't stand it when the house is a mess, and even if it means being a housewife I really want our living areas to be less embarrassing should someone drop by unexpected.
  5. Kick ass in clinicals. This will be my first time in a position of treating people rather than just doing what the NP or MD orders, and it's something that I truly want to be good at. I've already started reading one of my medical diagnosis books in preparation for clinicals in January in hopes that I'll be on top of my game. 
  6. Learn basic medical Spanish. "Tiene dolor?" only gets you just so far. Plus it would help when I become a nurse practitioner and it would make me more marketable.
  7. Paint more. I have tons of canvases and tons of acrylic paint- now I just need to use some of that time spent watching TV doing something artistic with items I already have.
  8. Spend less money. This is an easy one- I don't have it so I need to quit spending it!
  9. Be more positive. I discovered this year that I can be a really negative person (shocker?) and I've been lectured to death by some people about how much impact being positive can have. I'm not sure how I will accomplish this but I can start by thinking of the glass as half full rather than the other way around.
  10. Find a hobby I'm passionate about. I try a lot of things and most of them I never seem to stick with. I think my personal satisfaction and my marriage would both benefit from me finding something to do in my spare time that I truly enjoy.
  11. Learn to manage my stress. I came fairly close to a breakdown this year so finding ways to cope with stress would be really beneficial. I don't know if it's through hobbies (#10), exercise (#3), or something like meditation, but it needs to be something not related to medications that may give me Alzheimer's in 20 years.
  12. Pay off some debt. Doubtful that this will happen as I am a poor graduate student but it's a nice thought.
  13. Read a wider variety of books. I actually did this in 2014 and want to continue it in 2015. I printed out Amazon's "100 Books To Read Before You Die" and am trying to make my way through the remaining 76.
  14. Watch less TV. Between AB and I our DVR probably records 20 shows a week...and then we sit on our tails and watch all of them. Both of us need to spend less time in from of the tube and more time doing something else (see #10).
Does anyone have any goals they want to achieve in 2015?

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