Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Things I Don't Understand

There's probably many things in this world I don't understand, and never will, but here are just a few of the ones that have run through my mind more than once.
  1. Why none of the cars in NC have working turn signals: Seriously. No one? It's a shame because they really help in letting other drivers know that you're about to slam on the breaks or cut them off
  2. Healthcare: People without insurance can get full medical care that tax-paying citizens end up footing the bill for yet if a mom wants to be transferred to the hospital that her babies were sent to for better care (usually NICU) she has to pay the bill out of pocket many times. Also, I believe that if nurses have to wipe patient's butts, get cursed at and smacked, and suction snot out of noses that they shouldn't have to pay for the uninsured's medical care. We're providing it and sometimes not getting paid enough for doing it
  3. Zombie love: Freaky. I don't want a "zombie apocalypse" although I wouldn't argue against vampires. At least they maintain some semblance of attractiveness
  4. Miley Cyrus and/or the Kardashians: I'm so lost about them that I don't even know what to write
  5. Online graduate school: Because the stuff we're expected to learn is way too hard to be learned online. Especially when 90210 re-runs are on or Netflix has every season of Gilmore Girls
  6. Geometry: I had enough trouble writing out proofs in high school but now? Just look at my GRE scores and one will realize that I read a lot but not about triangles and theorems
  7. Why Hasbro had to go and revamp Candyland and Chutes&Ladders: There was nothing wrong with the originals and as someone who used to own both, I'm extremely disappointed in these cheaper, flimsier, requires adult assembly versions
  8. "Professional" bloggers: I have yet to read a blog that is so exciting that I can comprehend how the owner actually makes money off of it. Also, it's a proven fact that successful bloggers really have to be in to themselves and enjoy talking about everything they do. Perhaps that is why I am not a successful blogger
  9. People who don't believe in life on other planets: There are way more planets than just the ones in our solar system, and people really believe that we're the only ones to inhabit a planet? Really? I bet some of those people are professional bloggers
  10. Fracking: Enough so that I can't even write what I don't understand about it
  11. The Duggars: While it is AWESOME that they can fully support their entire plane full of children, has anyone ever taken into account overpopulation? Just because God has blessed you with the 23rd baby does not mean it's a good idea. I don't understand Octomom and that whacky blonde woman who divorced her husband either but at least the Duggars take financial responsibility for their brood
  12. People who lecture me on having tattoos: You choose not to have any, I choose to have some. Your body is your body and my body is my body. What exactly is the problem? And why are people so convinced that "when I'm 60 I'll regret them"? I'm pretty sure there will be other things on my mind should I even live to be 60 rather than "Man, I sure wish I didn't get that incredibly well done tattoo 30 years ago". 
  13. Why our dogs' farts smell so bad: It doesn't matter what they do or don't eat; they could clear a house out with those smells. I think they know it too because they look at their butts right after they do it and occasionally even move elsewhere in the room
  14. Fantasy sports: Because one is unable to watch them or play them in real life? I don't get it
  15. People who say all water tastes the same: Um, no. There is a big difference between SmartWater and Aquafina. And well water? Yuck. And let's not forget tap water down at the beach which is just horrible
  16. Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning there was nothing". Yet there was God...and while God isn't an actual tangible form he is still something, therefore there was never nothing. And if he created stuff then he definitely wasn't nothing. So that line just irritates me because it makes no sense...or does it?
  17. My dental hygienist talking to me while cleaning my teeth: My mouth is cranked all the way open with occasional drooling and she's trying to have a complete TWO PERSON conversation with me? That's like asking a patient to tell me how they're feeling while they're being intubated
  18. Square pizza boxes: The pizza is usually round, so the container it comes in is square because...
Clearly I don't understand a lot...or I spend too much time thinking about completely irrelevant things when I should be concentrating on school. Either way, that's my list. If anyone can answer any of them, please do.