Monday, November 24, 2014

Suckvember As Usual

Two years ago I wrote a post about why my husband and I refer to November as Suckvember, and now my vet even knows what we're referring to. Last year we tried to be tricky, and got all of our pets checked in October or December rather than risk having to go to the vet during Suckvember. This year we attempted to do the same thing, but are failing about as miserably as possible. Since this wonderful month started, the following events have occurred:

  • Stetson ended up back at the vet with hind end weakness, a skin infection, an ear infection, and senile anxiety. He is being treated for all of the above and while the infections have cleared, it is apparent that the trazadone for anxiety makes him clumsier than myself, even at half the dose. Sigh.
  • Indy ended up back at the vet post-IBD diagnosis with impacted anal glands, another anal gland antibiotic infusion, tartar that needed scraping off, and another round of antibiotics. $$$
  • Penny ended up at the vet this past Saturday with suspected pancreatitis. Lots of blood work, x-rays, anti-nausea meds, antibiotics, sub-q IV fluids, and pain meds later, I have a cat that is having to be fed with a syringe because she won't eat. If she weren't only 3 years old I may have given up.
  • I passed those 2 kidney stones but was reminded there's a big one left and I still need surgery per my last post.
On the plus side:
  • There's only 2 weeks left in my first semester of graduate school and I've been busting my tail to get everything done except for my final exams before Thanksgiving.
  • I still love my job.
  • Thanksgiving is this week, and while big family get together's can be stressful, it's also incredibly nice to get to see loved ones from out of town; I don't think I've seen my aunt and uncle from Texas since my wedding.
  • The pets all SEEM to be happy minus Penny not eating so neither my vet nor I think they're suffering. Plus they get kick ass pain meds and get gorked before they ever hurt.
  • My husband plays silly games with me.
And some photos...
I tripped on my own sober feet and jammed my kneecap into the corner of the coffee table. I thought I had dislocated the entire thing
My super-loving and super-expensive cats
Trying to get in the holiday spirit
Dr. Teal's makes for a good bath time
The greatest mug ever
Apparently my husband is concerned that it will so I wanted to help remind him he'll be okay
Someone is crazy excited to be playing Candyland with me

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