Friday, November 28, 2014

Five Things Friday

Wow, it's Friday again already. The good thing about Fridays is that I can cheat on creative posting and do a list, so here it is:

  1. First semester of grad school is down to 11 days remaining of which I have 3 finals and 1 paper due. Below is the paper research in progress:
  2. My new Dammit doll from my mom. We have one of these at work and it's usually bashed against a desk after a ridiculous trauma call in which the communication is seriously lacking, the 20th time the phone rings in 5 minutes, a really obnoxious charge nurse, or an a-hole doctor. Now I'm excited to have my own!
  3. My family. I got to spend some quality time with extended family yesterday, and hopefully again today and tomorrow depending on when the radiologist actually shows up to do Penny's ultrasound. That's right, she's still not eating- sad girl! I also love the silly part of my family...
  4. I decided to take some #Selfies this week. I hate selfies as does my husband because we both find them obnoxious and self-absorbed, but sometimes I excel at being self-absorbed. One is from being dressed up for work, the other is after being awakened at 6 am this morning from extremely stinky dog farts and cats running across my stomach.

  5. Jamberry nails. A friend from Duke is selling them and I'm hoping to host a party. I'm extremely untalented when it comes to painting my own nails as my mom and sister can attest to, so I'm hoping a good quality pair of nail "adhesives" will be easier for me. I placed a small order today just to give them a try so I'll let everyone know how they work out.
On an extra note, Thanksgiving was an enjoyable day yesterday until my dog inhaled a dirty rag/wipe that he came out of the woods with. My aunt and I tried to get it out but he sucked it down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will digest enough of it to pass through, but if it becomes stuck surgery will be a tough decision to make for him due to his age and everything else he's been through. Penny goes to the vet today for an ultrasound and she will not be happy about it. For such a chill and affectionate cat, she has the growling at strangers down to an art. Also, Indy threw up this morning and I'm praying it doesn't mean the steroids are failing and he has lymphoma, but at this point I have prepared myself for everything.

I hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday as I will not be participating in the madness, especially that which occurs out here where I live!

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