Sunday, November 30, 2014

NaBloPoMo Attempt #1323

Every year, or maybe even several times a year, I try to participate in NaBloPoMo which in extended terms means National Blog Posting Month. The goal is to write one blog post every day for a month, and the website that hosts it offers an overall theme for the month and then daily prompts to help get your "creative juices" flowing. Sadly, despite the prompts being handed to me, I still manage to crap out before finishing an entire month. The theme for December is JOY and since I seriously need some in my life, in addition to being reminded of things that do already bring me joy, I've decided to sign up. Again. There's a 50/50 chance that I'll actually make it through the entire month; I have laziness and lack of motivation and one side, and no school and only working part-time in December on the other side. We'll see how it goes but I welcome any encouragement.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Five Things Friday

Wow, it's Friday again already. The good thing about Fridays is that I can cheat on creative posting and do a list, so here it is:

  1. First semester of grad school is down to 11 days remaining of which I have 3 finals and 1 paper due. Below is the paper research in progress:
  2. My new Dammit doll from my mom. We have one of these at work and it's usually bashed against a desk after a ridiculous trauma call in which the communication is seriously lacking, the 20th time the phone rings in 5 minutes, a really obnoxious charge nurse, or an a-hole doctor. Now I'm excited to have my own!
  3. My family. I got to spend some quality time with extended family yesterday, and hopefully again today and tomorrow depending on when the radiologist actually shows up to do Penny's ultrasound. That's right, she's still not eating- sad girl! I also love the silly part of my family...
  4. I decided to take some #Selfies this week. I hate selfies as does my husband because we both find them obnoxious and self-absorbed, but sometimes I excel at being self-absorbed. One is from being dressed up for work, the other is after being awakened at 6 am this morning from extremely stinky dog farts and cats running across my stomach.

  5. Jamberry nails. A friend from Duke is selling them and I'm hoping to host a party. I'm extremely untalented when it comes to painting my own nails as my mom and sister can attest to, so I'm hoping a good quality pair of nail "adhesives" will be easier for me. I placed a small order today just to give them a try so I'll let everyone know how they work out.
On an extra note, Thanksgiving was an enjoyable day yesterday until my dog inhaled a dirty rag/wipe that he came out of the woods with. My aunt and I tried to get it out but he sucked it down. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he will digest enough of it to pass through, but if it becomes stuck surgery will be a tough decision to make for him due to his age and everything else he's been through. Penny goes to the vet today for an ultrasound and she will not be happy about it. For such a chill and affectionate cat, she has the growling at strangers down to an art. Also, Indy threw up this morning and I'm praying it doesn't mean the steroids are failing and he has lymphoma, but at this point I have prepared myself for everything.

I hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday as I will not be participating in the madness, especially that which occurs out here where I live!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Suckvember As Usual

Two years ago I wrote a post about why my husband and I refer to November as Suckvember, and now my vet even knows what we're referring to. Last year we tried to be tricky, and got all of our pets checked in October or December rather than risk having to go to the vet during Suckvember. This year we attempted to do the same thing, but are failing about as miserably as possible. Since this wonderful month started, the following events have occurred:

  • Stetson ended up back at the vet with hind end weakness, a skin infection, an ear infection, and senile anxiety. He is being treated for all of the above and while the infections have cleared, it is apparent that the trazadone for anxiety makes him clumsier than myself, even at half the dose. Sigh.
  • Indy ended up back at the vet post-IBD diagnosis with impacted anal glands, another anal gland antibiotic infusion, tartar that needed scraping off, and another round of antibiotics. $$$
  • Penny ended up at the vet this past Saturday with suspected pancreatitis. Lots of blood work, x-rays, anti-nausea meds, antibiotics, sub-q IV fluids, and pain meds later, I have a cat that is having to be fed with a syringe because she won't eat. If she weren't only 3 years old I may have given up.
  • I passed those 2 kidney stones but was reminded there's a big one left and I still need surgery per my last post.
On the plus side:
  • There's only 2 weeks left in my first semester of graduate school and I've been busting my tail to get everything done except for my final exams before Thanksgiving.
  • I still love my job.
  • Thanksgiving is this week, and while big family get together's can be stressful, it's also incredibly nice to get to see loved ones from out of town; I don't think I've seen my aunt and uncle from Texas since my wedding.
  • The pets all SEEM to be happy minus Penny not eating so neither my vet nor I think they're suffering. Plus they get kick ass pain meds and get gorked before they ever hurt.
  • My husband plays silly games with me.
And some photos...
I tripped on my own sober feet and jammed my kneecap into the corner of the coffee table. I thought I had dislocated the entire thing
My super-loving and super-expensive cats
Trying to get in the holiday spirit
Dr. Teal's makes for a good bath time
The greatest mug ever
Apparently my husband is concerned that it will so I wanted to help remind him he'll be okay
Someone is crazy excited to be playing Candyland with me

Friday, November 21, 2014

Five Things Friday

Apparently I haven't done a five things Friday in a while now, so here's my top 5 things that have happened or that I'm excited about from the past week.

  1. I have 18 days left before first semester is completely done. During that time I'm down to 1 paper, 3 quizzes, and 4 exams. 
  2. Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer: I can't lie, I loved the first movie eve if it was ridiculous. It appears I will be loving this one too if it's anything like the trailer. While I'm at it, I'm completely fascinated by the new Cinderella trailer also. I love these re-made Disney movies.
  3. Indy has gained enough weight that we're able to try dropping his steroids to 1x/day. We're still crossing our fingers that it's not lymphoma.
  4. I passed 2 kidney stones. Go team. Also, it hurt. A lot. Sadly there are still two left so surgery will be happening in December. After exams of course.
  5. My cheap Christmas bathroom set from Amazon.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday. I'm headed in to work my 2-12 hour shifts tomorrow but hopefully people want to stay out of the hospital for the holidays and it's not too busy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Things I Don't Understand

There's probably many things in this world I don't understand, and never will, but here are just a few of the ones that have run through my mind more than once.
  1. Why none of the cars in NC have working turn signals: Seriously. No one? It's a shame because they really help in letting other drivers know that you're about to slam on the breaks or cut them off
  2. Healthcare: People without insurance can get full medical care that tax-paying citizens end up footing the bill for yet if a mom wants to be transferred to the hospital that her babies were sent to for better care (usually NICU) she has to pay the bill out of pocket many times. Also, I believe that if nurses have to wipe patient's butts, get cursed at and smacked, and suction snot out of noses that they shouldn't have to pay for the uninsured's medical care. We're providing it and sometimes not getting paid enough for doing it
  3. Zombie love: Freaky. I don't want a "zombie apocalypse" although I wouldn't argue against vampires. At least they maintain some semblance of attractiveness
  4. Miley Cyrus and/or the Kardashians: I'm so lost about them that I don't even know what to write
  5. Online graduate school: Because the stuff we're expected to learn is way too hard to be learned online. Especially when 90210 re-runs are on or Netflix has every season of Gilmore Girls
  6. Geometry: I had enough trouble writing out proofs in high school but now? Just look at my GRE scores and one will realize that I read a lot but not about triangles and theorems
  7. Why Hasbro had to go and revamp Candyland and Chutes&Ladders: There was nothing wrong with the originals and as someone who used to own both, I'm extremely disappointed in these cheaper, flimsier, requires adult assembly versions
  8. "Professional" bloggers: I have yet to read a blog that is so exciting that I can comprehend how the owner actually makes money off of it. Also, it's a proven fact that successful bloggers really have to be in to themselves and enjoy talking about everything they do. Perhaps that is why I am not a successful blogger
  9. People who don't believe in life on other planets: There are way more planets than just the ones in our solar system, and people really believe that we're the only ones to inhabit a planet? Really? I bet some of those people are professional bloggers
  10. Fracking: Enough so that I can't even write what I don't understand about it
  11. The Duggars: While it is AWESOME that they can fully support their entire plane full of children, has anyone ever taken into account overpopulation? Just because God has blessed you with the 23rd baby does not mean it's a good idea. I don't understand Octomom and that whacky blonde woman who divorced her husband either but at least the Duggars take financial responsibility for their brood
  12. People who lecture me on having tattoos: You choose not to have any, I choose to have some. Your body is your body and my body is my body. What exactly is the problem? And why are people so convinced that "when I'm 60 I'll regret them"? I'm pretty sure there will be other things on my mind should I even live to be 60 rather than "Man, I sure wish I didn't get that incredibly well done tattoo 30 years ago". 
  13. Why our dogs' farts smell so bad: It doesn't matter what they do or don't eat; they could clear a house out with those smells. I think they know it too because they look at their butts right after they do it and occasionally even move elsewhere in the room
  14. Fantasy sports: Because one is unable to watch them or play them in real life? I don't get it
  15. People who say all water tastes the same: Um, no. There is a big difference between SmartWater and Aquafina. And well water? Yuck. And let's not forget tap water down at the beach which is just horrible
  16. Genesis 1:1: "In the beginning there was nothing". Yet there was God...and while God isn't an actual tangible form he is still something, therefore there was never nothing. And if he created stuff then he definitely wasn't nothing. So that line just irritates me because it makes no sense...or does it?
  17. My dental hygienist talking to me while cleaning my teeth: My mouth is cranked all the way open with occasional drooling and she's trying to have a complete TWO PERSON conversation with me? That's like asking a patient to tell me how they're feeling while they're being intubated
  18. Square pizza boxes: The pizza is usually round, so the container it comes in is square because...
Clearly I don't understand a lot...or I spend too much time thinking about completely irrelevant things when I should be concentrating on school. Either way, that's my list. If anyone can answer any of them, please do.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Usual Lazy Updates Post

As always too busy and/or lazy to write a full post.

  • Indy is hanging in there- not losing any more weight and not vomiting or having diarrhea anymore. However we're now battling a resp infection (see IBD tab)
  • Stetson's hips are worse although not painful (he gets the good drugs) and he recently was treated for an ear infection and skin infection. $$$$. Sigh. On a good note, last Wed was his 2 year anniversary surviving cancer and give that the average lifespan is 1-2 years with chemo and surgery I am blessed to have gotten to spend 2 full years with him
  • School has less than a month left in this semester. All seems to be going okay but I feel like I'm at the edge of a breakdown on a weekly basis. Luckily many of my classmates are on the same boat so we support each other
  • My artist finished up one part of my LOTR tattoo. There's more to be done but there's things that need to be paid for before that happens
  • My sister and nephew are doing well and enjoying Japan. I still miss them but have adjusted to never seeing them so it's all good
  • My youngest cat is now obese. It's stressful trying to get one cat to gain weight and the other one to lose weight
  • My job is awesome. No complaints
  • I ended up in the ED last Tuesday in excruciating pain and ended up passing 2 of my stones at the same time, in the same day. According to the CT there's only 2/5 left so I must have passed the smallest one without knowing. I'm really hoping the other 2 will come out b/c I would LOVE to avoid surgery in December
  • I feel like I'm so overwhelmed that I'm not able to enjoy the holidays. Usually the time between Halloween and Christmas is a happy time for me, but I still haven't changed out the spring decorations on the mantle. Our only tree this year may be the little pre-lit white one from WalMart at this rate. I did manage to dress up as a box of Crayons to answer the door on Halloween though. Progress
  • I ran a 5K just for the cupcake medal and free Gigi's cupcake afterwards (not sure if that was in my last post). I hadn't run in months so that was a rude awakening although I managed a 13min/mile
And  few pictures...
Large glasses of wine are good

My life

My not-so-little overweight food hoarder

Gigi's 5K

Baer's well visit

Post-ultrasound Indy

Box of crayons

Becoming an ED frequent flyer

The Stetson man on his 2 year post-cancer anniversary

The finished LOTR Ringwraith

Cats and I getting warmed by the fire