Tuesday, September 30, 2014


eating/drinking: water. we had omaha steaks for dinner but since i need to work out before bed that's all i will be eating tonight at this point

feeling: actually okay. i've caught up with schoolwork, didn't have to spend any money at the vet this week, and have been getting plenty of sleep. oh, and my flank doesn't hurt.

listening: to nothing other than the occasional airplane taking off or car driving by the house. even the animals are silent

watching: absolutely nothing! i've been disappointed with some of the season premieres so i've just left our overly expensive tv turned off. i did watch "the fault in our stars" the other night though; the movie was just as good and depressing as the book

reading: an integrative approach to advanced practice nursing. yes, it is as boring as it sounds

loving: fall. pumpkins. only working part-time. xanax. spanxx leggings. beer

disliking: that i have to drive to wilmington on friday for class. it's not a horribly long drive (2.5 hours) but it seems worse knowing i have to be there by 8:15am

thinking: this house is dirty. do i procrastinate and clean it? or leave it until alister gets so annoyed he cleans it?

hoping: alister gets into school next fall. i don't think i can "edit" any more grad school application essays

wishing: i could eat anything i wanted, never exercise, never gain weight, and yet not be a skinny-fat person on the inside

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