Thursday, September 18, 2014

RNIA, Wardrobes, & Cheesecake Factory

eating/drinking: starbucks blonde coffee with caramel macchiato creamer and a piece of toast (i think i've ibuprofen-ed myself into an ulcer or something)

feeling: manageably frazzled. i'm trying to catch up on pharm and patho before my tests next week, and while i love pharm, i do not love patho. also, i'm pretty sure online programs punish us for not going to class every day by assigning ridiculous amounts of paper and group work. unacceptable

listening: to cupcake wars, stetson moaning and pacing (he's getting senile and vocal), baer snoring and smacking

watching: not watching anything, just using food network as background noise while i read

reading: pharm. fascinating (i love drugs) but there's so much reading for one test

loving: that i'm almost off of these nutball meds and i'm way less emotional, that my sister/bil/nephew seem to be settling in well, that we turned the leased honda in early and saved money, that as of yesterday i have ~5 new outfits i can wear to work or in general and not look like i'm dressing below my age

disliking: that my kidney still hurts. i mean, seriously? i go back next mon at which time i'm sure he'll suggest more surgery. i will be asking for a referral to a wakemed md though b/c my insurance clearly doesn't approve of my using any other hospitals in raleigh

thinking: i need to read. study. stop avoiding

hoping: that my pets know how much i love them and appreciate them despite my frustrations with them sometimes. that my kidney stops hurting soon. that ab and i can come to an agreement on the tahoe

wishing: it were december 2016. then i'd be done with school, taking my certification exam, getting on with my career, and hopefully planning my muffin/cupcake/coffee shop on the side

Yesterday my mom and I hit up Belk's and I ended up with a lot of new outfits for work (and life) plus another pair of boots and a cute little pair of slip-ons. My funds are severely limited while I'm in school but a new wardrobe that fits and doesn't include shirts with the word "Bitch" on them seemed to be a good choice and a reasonable thing to spend money on. Afterwards we went to Cheesecake Factory, split some appetizers and a slice of cheesecake, and enjoyed a mojito (her) and some red sangria (me). I promptly came home and fell asleep while reading pharm, and then spent the rest of the evening playing catch up.

Today I have plans to finish all my pharm readings, take all of my quizzes, and then head over to my sister/aunt's apartment this evening to say hi and return some things to my parents. Tomorrow will be spent catching up on patho and dragging Indy to the vet for repeat blood work, and then this weekend is the first time I work my job 7a-7p Saturday and Sunday. I have high hopes that I'll have some free time to read, but with our hospital being in gridlock (no new patients) for most of the week that may not happen!

New gray boots

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