Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DNA Tests, Indy, & #100HappyDays

Yesterday I went to see my therapist and both of us were satisfied with how much better I was feeling overall. I have slowly started to cope with all of the crazy things and have mostly caught up with school, so the biggest things hanging over my head are Indy's renal failure and this blasted (literally) kidney stones that won't pass. Sigh.

While I was at the therapist they took some of my saliva (aka spit, ewww) and will be running a DNA test to figure out which drugs my body can and can't metabolize and which ones my body is more likely to have side effects to. Who knew? Apparently insurance companies are excited about it because it will cut down on the amount of drugs they'd have to pay for (so it's free) but I have no doubt the pharmaceutical companies hate it. Mine will be specifically for psych meds but it will give me a list of other enzymes (P450) that my body can or can't "handle" and I should be able to take that list to any doctor and enable them to prescribe me things that work (or I can just look in my pharm book). The results take about 2 weeks and I'm really curious to see the results, especially since I've discovered I love pharmacology in school.
My spit cup
I'm also continuing to post a #100HappyDays picture each day on Instagram. I don't think it's been a full week since my last post but here are a few more.
My new job
TMNT and my Keurig
Perfect combo for a relaxing bath
Pumpkin spice candles
On a less happy note, Indy goes to the vet for a follow-up blood work check on Friday and I don't anticipate it being good. He's eating less and less and I've been buying ridiculous different types of food to find something he'll eat. So far, no luck, I'm concerned he's starting to starve himself, but according to his last kidney values, he's no where near as sick as he's acting. I did start looking for a mobile vet for him thought; he hates getting to the car and in between screeching/howling and peeing all over everything, I think his stress levels would drop significantly if we had a vet that could come here.

Now it's time for me to bury my head back in my pharm book while "Dancing with the Stars" plays in the background.
Alister made me a paracord bracelet
Neat view of Australia

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