Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn Equinox, Fall, & Randomness

Tonight at 10:29pm (in Raleigh) the Autumn 2014 Equinox will occur. It will mark one of two days during the year when the length of day and night is almost equal. Of course, after that, the days will become shorter and the nights will become longer. I've heard many people say that they experience seasonal depression during this time (and into the winter) but I'm the absolute opposite; I LOVE fall. It's my all-time favorite season with spring coming in a close second. And what happens the day after the equinox? That's right: fall officially starts.

The weather cools down, but not so much that I have to break out my beloved down jacket. We're still able to squeeze in some more lake days, but the dogs can now run around without overheating. The leaves start to change, especially in the mountains, and the night time temperatures up there make it the perfect time for camping and hiking. You can drive with the windows rolled down and it's perfectly acceptable to wear boots or flip flops.

Also, it becomes the season for apple cider, pumpkin EVERYTHING, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I've always been a fan of Halloween, and while I don't go out to parties or have kids to take trick-or-treating, the decorations alone make me happy; Alister and I even have inflatable Halloween decorations for the yard! Thanksgiving is synonymous with family in my life, and I always look forward to stuffing my face while spending time with loved ones, whether the crowd this year grows smaller or larger. As for apples and pumpkins, I can never get enough. If I'm not eating it or drinking it, I have candles that smell like some or gourds stacked up in and around the house.

So, for those of you who are mourning the passing of summer, don't worry- it will be back. For those who love the fall like I do, I suggest a trip to the mountains while the leaves are changing, a campfire, and some fresh apple cider. If you can't do that, a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte may suffice.

Random Updates:

  • Indy went to the vet on Friday. He lost another 1.5 pounds. On the flip side, his kidney values had all improved and he's not considered in kidney failure anymore. We also did full body x-rays and he doesn't have any masses or blockages. On paper he looks healthy so the vet said for now keep offering him all different foods and eventually he'll eat something b/c she can't find a reason why he's not.
  • I went to the urologist today. I have 5 small stones in the right (from the broken down large one) still and apparently one forming in the left. Sigh. I told him we could do the ureteroscopy over winter break.
  • I worked all weekend. I love my job.
  • Alex, Laird, and Kris seem to be adjusting well and now have a place to live on the AF base. She has a blog so if she's invited you and you never accepted the invitation, please email her; her pictures are very pretty.
  • I have 2 exams this week, a discussion board, and a case study due. I think this school is trying to off people in the first semester.
  • #100HappyDays
Chocolate torte
My parents
A hat my coworker made me
My poopers
EDITED TO ADD: Today I found out that my Groupon acct had been hacked. Someone got access to my account and tried to buy a laptop. Luckily my AmEx that I had saved on there for purchases denied it. When I attempted to logon to Groupon it kept denying me, and when I requested a new password it told me that there was no account with that email (which is bullshit). After doing some research online I discovered that Groupon hacking is not only common but that it occurs on the weekends usually when Groupon customer service is closed. Long story short, Groupon says they were unable to give me access to anything because the account with my email "wasn't traceable" once the hacker changed it so I just called my card companies (that had been used with Groupon) and had to report them stolen. I've lost any unused purchased Groupons too (grrr). While I still love the website, I HIGHLY suggest that no one store ANY cards on there for quick purchases, which may be common sense but sense which I ignored and then paid for. I will say that I'm disappointed in Groupon's lack of security. Someone can log on to an account, change all of the basic info, but use the cards without having to re-enter any specifics (card's full number, security number, etc)? Fail.

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