Saturday, September 6, 2014

Another Saturday

Today Alister and I loaded up the dogs and went to the lake for the day. I was supposed to study but instead ending up floating and wake boarding. Despite my kidney pain I managed to cruise around the lake on my board for several minutes before it became too much. We also took the boat out (hopefully not completely for the season) and Alister got it cleaned up while I once again failed at studying.We arrived home just in time for me to hop in the car and meet 2 friends from my old ICU job at a downtown Lebanese restaurant.

I grew up in Raleigh but clearly have not been downtown in a long time, because wow, that place was hopping. There was a music festival in addition to the clubs and restaurants that had seemingly popped up everywhere. Maybe we should spend more time downtown? We need more of a social life so I'm thinking hanging out on a street corner in that area on the weekends will accomplish that.

My sister, BIL, and nephew also made it to Japan safely. I'm glad they got there, jealous they're in such a neat place, and sad that my nephew will probably not remember me by the time I get out there to visit. Such is life.

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