Thursday, September 11, 2014

#100HAPPYDAYS and Updates

I'm slowly but surely catching up on everything I mentioned in my last (serious) post. Some things have gotten easier; other things, such as my kidney stones, have not. I went to my urologist on Tuesday, and once the xray was done he skipped the exam and led me down the hall to see the film. The good news? The litho worked and broke the stone up into 4-5 small pieces. The bad news? They're all sitting there along with a nice hematoma and continuing to cause me constant pain. The result? Drink more water and come back in two weeks. At that point, if I'm still having pain, he wants to do a ureterscopy and stent. I don't think so. Enter the inversion table.
Red face
According to my urologist AND multiple peer-reviewed articles, inversion tables have been shown to help post-lithotripsy fragments pass b/c it helps force the stones via gravity towards the top where the ureter connects. So now I'm putting myself at risk for water toxicity daily with my 4+ liters and hanging upside down with a bright red face trying to force tiny pieces of calcium oxylate out of my body. Go team!

On another note, I went to my shrink and she is taking me off of my nutty meds, and instead running a DNA test to find out which kinds of drugs my body does and doesn't respond to and which ones would be more likely to cause side effects. I never even knew genes could tell you that much already. Surprise! Needless to say, I'm already feeling better while I'm being weaned off the crazy drugs; no crying for days.

As for my #100HAPPYDAYS, here are a few of my chosen photos...


Sushi boats


Pumpkin everything


Beer flights
Also, Alister brought me a huge bouquet of flowers to work for our 3 year anniversary. Love some pretty flowers.

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