Tuesday, September 30, 2014

National Walk Your Dog Week

...starts tomorrow. Grab a leash and get walking! If you don't have a dog, offer to walk some shelter dogs in your area.


eating/drinking: water. we had omaha steaks for dinner but since i need to work out before bed that's all i will be eating tonight at this point

feeling: actually okay. i've caught up with schoolwork, didn't have to spend any money at the vet this week, and have been getting plenty of sleep. oh, and my flank doesn't hurt.

listening: to nothing other than the occasional airplane taking off or car driving by the house. even the animals are silent

watching: absolutely nothing! i've been disappointed with some of the season premieres so i've just left our overly expensive tv turned off. i did watch "the fault in our stars" the other night though; the movie was just as good and depressing as the book

reading: an integrative approach to advanced practice nursing. yes, it is as boring as it sounds

loving: fall. pumpkins. only working part-time. xanax. spanxx leggings. beer

disliking: that i have to drive to wilmington on friday for class. it's not a horribly long drive (2.5 hours) but it seems worse knowing i have to be there by 8:15am

thinking: this house is dirty. do i procrastinate and clean it? or leave it until alister gets so annoyed he cleans it?

hoping: alister gets into school next fall. i don't think i can "edit" any more grad school application essays

wishing: i could eat anything i wanted, never exercise, never gain weight, and yet not be a skinny-fat person on the inside

Monday, September 29, 2014

Just Some Pictures

I worked all weekend and then did schoolwork all day today, so unfortunately I don't have much to say. But, here's some pictures from the last few days (a few are #100HappyDays ones).

"Hocus Pocus"- a Halloween winner
Card from Alex
I just like this tree
Spanxx leggings- best invention ever for muffin tops and thigh gap absentees
Muscadine grapes- best grapes ever
Found this quote and loved it
As soon as they start selling them, I start buying them- they freeze wonderfully
This beer is just really good. Always a fan of Dogfish Head.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

A Comprehensive List of Things I Love About Fall

Because everyone needs a list detailing the season that they love. Also, the photos below are NOT mine. If you'd like to know where they're from (aside from Google) just email me.

  1. Pumpkin spice lattes. That includes ones made by Starbucks and those made at home by Coffeemate

  1. Boots. I collect boots. Now I can wear then without looking like a freak.
    Yes, I want these
  2. Decorating for fall. Soon my entire downstairs will be decorated with autumn colors including the mantle...especially the mantle
  3. Pumpkin spice candles. It smells better than cat litter.
  4. Halloween. Not so much the trick-or-treating but the decorating and the candy. I especially enjoy shopping for Halloween decorations.
  5. Pumpkin spice Oreos. Yeah, you read that correctly.
  6. ABC Family 13 Nights of Halloween. Don't judge, I love Hocus Pocus.
  7. Apple Cider. Spiked or not, specially warm, it's good stuff.
  8. Gourds. This weekend I plan on going to a local farm and buying many. And by many I mean enough that it take several trips by myself to get them from the car to the house and then several hours to decide how to arrange them.
  9. Pumpkin-cranberry bread. It's the only seasonal thing I can bake and I didn't make any last year. WTH???
  10. Carving pumpkins. Alister and I aren't masters at it but we can come up with some good pukey pumpkins.
  11. Pumpkin pie. Yum.
  12. The weather. I can wear jeans! And boots! And scarves! Oh my!
  13. My dogs no longer hate going out. In other words it's cool enough for them to enjoy a walk without overeating, and lie in the sun without panting to death.
  14. The leaves changing. They're more beautiful up in the mountains but any glimmers of gold and orange make me happy.
  15. Camping/hiking. The mountains of NC are perfect for this.
I hope everyone is enjoying fall as much as I am!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

First Day of Fall!

**The images below are not mine, but as soon as I get decorating for fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving I will post those.**

Needless to say, as mentioned in my last post, fall makes my heart happy. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Autumn Equinox, Fall, & Randomness

Tonight at 10:29pm (in Raleigh) the Autumn 2014 Equinox will occur. It will mark one of two days during the year when the length of day and night is almost equal. Of course, after that, the days will become shorter and the nights will become longer. I've heard many people say that they experience seasonal depression during this time (and into the winter) but I'm the absolute opposite; I LOVE fall. It's my all-time favorite season with spring coming in a close second. And what happens the day after the equinox? That's right: fall officially starts.

The weather cools down, but not so much that I have to break out my beloved down jacket. We're still able to squeeze in some more lake days, but the dogs can now run around without overheating. The leaves start to change, especially in the mountains, and the night time temperatures up there make it the perfect time for camping and hiking. You can drive with the windows rolled down and it's perfectly acceptable to wear boots or flip flops.

Also, it becomes the season for apple cider, pumpkin EVERYTHING, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I've always been a fan of Halloween, and while I don't go out to parties or have kids to take trick-or-treating, the decorations alone make me happy; Alister and I even have inflatable Halloween decorations for the yard! Thanksgiving is synonymous with family in my life, and I always look forward to stuffing my face while spending time with loved ones, whether the crowd this year grows smaller or larger. As for apples and pumpkins, I can never get enough. If I'm not eating it or drinking it, I have candles that smell like some or gourds stacked up in and around the house.

So, for those of you who are mourning the passing of summer, don't worry- it will be back. For those who love the fall like I do, I suggest a trip to the mountains while the leaves are changing, a campfire, and some fresh apple cider. If you can't do that, a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte may suffice.

Random Updates:

  • Indy went to the vet on Friday. He lost another 1.5 pounds. On the flip side, his kidney values had all improved and he's not considered in kidney failure anymore. We also did full body x-rays and he doesn't have any masses or blockages. On paper he looks healthy so the vet said for now keep offering him all different foods and eventually he'll eat something b/c she can't find a reason why he's not.
  • I went to the urologist today. I have 5 small stones in the right (from the broken down large one) still and apparently one forming in the left. Sigh. I told him we could do the ureteroscopy over winter break.
  • I worked all weekend. I love my job.
  • Alex, Laird, and Kris seem to be adjusting well and now have a place to live on the AF base. She has a blog so if she's invited you and you never accepted the invitation, please email her; her pictures are very pretty.
  • I have 2 exams this week, a discussion board, and a case study due. I think this school is trying to off people in the first semester.
  • #100HappyDays
Chocolate torte
My parents
A hat my coworker made me
My poopers
EDITED TO ADD: Today I found out that my Groupon acct had been hacked. Someone got access to my account and tried to buy a laptop. Luckily my AmEx that I had saved on there for purchases denied it. When I attempted to logon to Groupon it kept denying me, and when I requested a new password it told me that there was no account with that email (which is bullshit). After doing some research online I discovered that Groupon hacking is not only common but that it occurs on the weekends usually when Groupon customer service is closed. Long story short, Groupon says they were unable to give me access to anything because the account with my email "wasn't traceable" once the hacker changed it so I just called my card companies (that had been used with Groupon) and had to report them stolen. I've lost any unused purchased Groupons too (grrr). While I still love the website, I HIGHLY suggest that no one store ANY cards on there for quick purchases, which may be common sense but sense which I ignored and then paid for. I will say that I'm disappointed in Groupon's lack of security. Someone can log on to an account, change all of the basic info, but use the cards without having to re-enter any specifics (card's full number, security number, etc)? Fail.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

RNIA, Wardrobes, & Cheesecake Factory

eating/drinking: starbucks blonde coffee with caramel macchiato creamer and a piece of toast (i think i've ibuprofen-ed myself into an ulcer or something)

feeling: manageably frazzled. i'm trying to catch up on pharm and patho before my tests next week, and while i love pharm, i do not love patho. also, i'm pretty sure online programs punish us for not going to class every day by assigning ridiculous amounts of paper and group work. unacceptable

listening: to cupcake wars, stetson moaning and pacing (he's getting senile and vocal), baer snoring and smacking

watching: not watching anything, just using food network as background noise while i read

reading: pharm. fascinating (i love drugs) but there's so much reading for one test

loving: that i'm almost off of these nutball meds and i'm way less emotional, that my sister/bil/nephew seem to be settling in well, that we turned the leased honda in early and saved money, that as of yesterday i have ~5 new outfits i can wear to work or in general and not look like i'm dressing below my age

disliking: that my kidney still hurts. i mean, seriously? i go back next mon at which time i'm sure he'll suggest more surgery. i will be asking for a referral to a wakemed md though b/c my insurance clearly doesn't approve of my using any other hospitals in raleigh

thinking: i need to read. study. stop avoiding

hoping: that my pets know how much i love them and appreciate them despite my frustrations with them sometimes. that my kidney stops hurting soon. that ab and i can come to an agreement on the tahoe

wishing: it were december 2016. then i'd be done with school, taking my certification exam, getting on with my career, and hopefully planning my muffin/cupcake/coffee shop on the side

Yesterday my mom and I hit up Belk's and I ended up with a lot of new outfits for work (and life) plus another pair of boots and a cute little pair of slip-ons. My funds are severely limited while I'm in school but a new wardrobe that fits and doesn't include shirts with the word "Bitch" on them seemed to be a good choice and a reasonable thing to spend money on. Afterwards we went to Cheesecake Factory, split some appetizers and a slice of cheesecake, and enjoyed a mojito (her) and some red sangria (me). I promptly came home and fell asleep while reading pharm, and then spent the rest of the evening playing catch up.

Today I have plans to finish all my pharm readings, take all of my quizzes, and then head over to my sister/aunt's apartment this evening to say hi and return some things to my parents. Tomorrow will be spent catching up on patho and dragging Indy to the vet for repeat blood work, and then this weekend is the first time I work my job 7a-7p Saturday and Sunday. I have high hopes that I'll have some free time to read, but with our hospital being in gridlock (no new patients) for most of the week that may not happen!

New gray boots

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

DNA Tests, Indy, & #100HappyDays

Yesterday I went to see my therapist and both of us were satisfied with how much better I was feeling overall. I have slowly started to cope with all of the crazy things and have mostly caught up with school, so the biggest things hanging over my head are Indy's renal failure and this blasted (literally) kidney stones that won't pass. Sigh.

While I was at the therapist they took some of my saliva (aka spit, ewww) and will be running a DNA test to figure out which drugs my body can and can't metabolize and which ones my body is more likely to have side effects to. Who knew? Apparently insurance companies are excited about it because it will cut down on the amount of drugs they'd have to pay for (so it's free) but I have no doubt the pharmaceutical companies hate it. Mine will be specifically for psych meds but it will give me a list of other enzymes (P450) that my body can or can't "handle" and I should be able to take that list to any doctor and enable them to prescribe me things that work (or I can just look in my pharm book). The results take about 2 weeks and I'm really curious to see the results, especially since I've discovered I love pharmacology in school.
My spit cup
I'm also continuing to post a #100HappyDays picture each day on Instagram. I don't think it's been a full week since my last post but here are a few more.
My new job
TMNT and my Keurig
Perfect combo for a relaxing bath
Pumpkin spice candles
On a less happy note, Indy goes to the vet for a follow-up blood work check on Friday and I don't anticipate it being good. He's eating less and less and I've been buying ridiculous different types of food to find something he'll eat. So far, no luck, I'm concerned he's starting to starve himself, but according to his last kidney values, he's no where near as sick as he's acting. I did start looking for a mobile vet for him thought; he hates getting to the car and in between screeching/howling and peeing all over everything, I think his stress levels would drop significantly if we had a vet that could come here.

Now it's time for me to bury my head back in my pharm book while "Dancing with the Stars" plays in the background.
Alister made me a paracord bracelet
Neat view of Australia