Monday, March 3, 2014


eating/drinking: a smoothie made with soy milk, flax seed, chia seeds, spinach, banana, and peanut butter

feeling: okay. i didn't have to work tonight, which is always a plus. i worked out tonight, which is always surprising. the house is semi-clean so i don't feel like a total slob. so all-in-all, okay

listening: to the tv, the dog snoring

watching: the bachelor "the women tell all". i hated this season but i'm determined to follow through until the end

reading: "pure, white, and deadly" by john ludkin. i'm trying to convince myself to give up sugar so this is part of the attempt

loving: my family and pets

disliking: this bipolar weather still. i was wearing a tank top yesterday and sitting outside in the sun, tonight there is sleet and ice covering the ground. it's exhausting; i really just want to live in a place that has 4 distinct seasons, if that even exists

thinking: juan pablo is the most god-awful bachelor ever. he is completely clueless and his douchiness isn't attractive even in the "bad-boy" type of way

hoping: that i get into my first choice grad school, and that ab gets into that same school. we really don't want to do long distance again and i really don't want to attend an online-only program

wishing: i could give up sugar easily, stop buying things on easily, and resist watching stupid crap like "the bachelor"

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