Friday, March 14, 2014

Here's What's Going On...

-I have been accepted to 1/4 graduate schools that I applied to. I haven't heard from the other 3 yet and I'm getting very impatient!
-I am restudying for my personal trainer certification. I didn't fail it; I just never took it because I was so focused on the GRE and grad school applications
-Alister is studying for the GRE, followed by studying for his CCRN (critical care certification), followed by applying for CRNA school, followed by being my house-husband for 6 months while I'm in school and he is not (turn about is fair trade)
-The pets all seem to be doing well considering 2/4 have had cancer already. On the flip side, both dogs are now at the upper limit of the "average life expectancy" for their breeds and still super-active so maybe I'm doing something right!

-Alister and I's next planned trip is to New Jersey in May for my brother-in-law's 40th birthday. We snagged "free" flights on Southwest and are hoping to get tickets to Jimmy Fallon that Friday night (haha, those things sell out in seconds)
-Work is fine given that nursing is definitely not my passion. I do prefer ICU though because if things go well, my patients are intubated and sedated. If they're not knocked out, I have a tendency to get the crazy ones that have a fondness for calling me various derogatory terms. I actually enjoy those patients though because at least I don't have to feign compassion for them
-I am super in-love with my nephew Laird whom I recently discovered only loves me back because I bribe him with mini M&M's. No really, he associates "Ali" and "MM's" every time but I'll take it!
-I am still flying through library books although not as frequently as before; the more I check out at one time the more rushed I feel to get through them and it's ruining some of the enjoyment
-I am addicted to Instagram (aatripp) and Snapchat. I've deleted Facebook AGAIN because I rarely got on and didn't need all my stuff out there for the world to see (although apparently even if I permanently delete it the info is still floating around on the WWW)
-I just bought the ZenLabs 13.1 Trainer. I don't want to run a planned marathon and I super-hate running, but it's the cheapest way for me to get in shape. While I'm not outwardly obese, I find myself getting out of breath going up steps, I get tachycardic walking around the block with the dogs, and I have a persistent pooch that shouldn't exist on someone who's never given birth. There's no excuse for any of that, especially since my education has taught me to know better
-I haven't eaten any baked goods, candy, sweets, soda, juice, or alcohol since Tuesday morning. I'm hoping to continue that trend (with the exception of alcohol which I must have to survive my chosen career path) but it's hard. I still eat flavored yogurt, fruit, and put coconut sugar in my coffee so I haven't given up sugar completely but it's a start
FYI if you enjoy coffee look up Raleigh Coffee Company; it's owned by Alister's cousin

As more things come up I'll continue to post, but I'm hopeful that this being a private blog will make things flow more easily!

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