Friday, February 14, 2014


Once again I got slack on updating this site. I know, I know, I need to quit being a lazy bastard! I don't know if I've been all *that busy* but sometimes it seems like it. So, in the typical bulleted fashion that I love, here are some updates:
  • My cat Indy was diagnosed with cancer. Sometimes I feel like I'm being punished for trying to be such a good pet parent. I took him in for a routine check-up and rabies shot, and while there I mentioned to our vet that I had noticed a small eraser-sized lump on his neck. She aspirated it and promptly informed me that my kiki (Laird's word for cat) had a mast cell tumor. Fast forward a week and he was undergoing x-rays, tumor removal, and a dental cleaning. Needless to say he wasn't a happy camper but he ended up doing really well with everything. I was even proud of Penny for not beating up on him while he recovered.

  • I went to a Hurricanes hockey game with a friend from work. I hadn't been to a game in YEARS and had forgotten how much fun they are. AB and I will definitely be going to more from now on.
  • AB, my sister, AB's childhood best friend, and I went to a Gov't Mule concert. AB likes to stand up and dance so my sister went to keep me from feeling weird about not dancing (I have no rhythm). Luckily we had front row seats so I could see everything anyways!

  • It snowed. A lot. And AB and I had to drive to work in it. The picture of cars below along the left side are ALL ones that were abandoned in and off the road. We passed them on the way home the next morning. That's also the spot where that car burst into flames and the picture of it is all over the internet. The bottom 2 pictures are of the snow melting and causing a full blown running stream through the backyard. It's fresh water for the dogs but will result in a muddy mess shortly.

  • I took the GRE which means all of my grad school applications are complete. Now it really is just a wait-and-see which is really hard for someone as impatient as myself.
  • I usually manage to get over to my parent's house once a week to play with my nephew (and visit with family, although whenever I get there they leave me with the kid and disappear). It's okay though, I heart that kid.

  • I've continued to be obsessed with the library. My bimonthly haul usually includes 4-5 novels and so far I've loved them all (separate post on that).

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