Thursday, January 30, 2014

Things I'm Loving Thursday

I'm still refusing to be a sheep and post my "Things I'm Loving" list on a Friday, so here we go on a Thursday...
  1. My new library card- I've been meaning to get a library card for a long time now. While I love my Kindle, I do miss the smell and feel of holding an actual book in my hands and borrowing one is the easiest and most cost-effective way to enjoy a few. I put a bunch of books on hold that weren't available when I got my card and now I've been bombarded with them all at once. It's wonderful.
  2. JuneauLuxe- This company makes the prettiest bracelet sets. I came across them while browsing Instagram and despite not being a big jewelry wearer I fell in love and immediately wanted one! I've shared their link with my husband and sister, and with my birthday coming up I'm crossing my fingers...(hint, hint)
  3. BarkBox- Just like Popsugar and Stitch Fix for people, Bark Box is a subscription service just for the dogs! I managed to sign up with BarkBox through a Groupon deal and am contemplating being a regular subscriber. Once you pick your dog's size, you enter your shipping and payment info, and once a month your dog gets his own box in the mail that includes organic treats, toys, bones, hygiene products, and new gadgets. You can also save $10 during the month of January with coupon code BADPICKUP

  4. Zulily- Yet another addiction of mine, Zulily offers new deals DAILY on clothing, shoes, accessories, and home goods for women and kids. I have purchased numerous gifts and items for myself off of Zulily and have yet to be disappointed. Sometimes it takes a while for the vendors to ship the items but everything has been as described and totally worth it for the discounted price!
  5. My husband- Although he is fully at fault for giving me this nasty funk, he's also been really good at keeping me fed and making sure I have all the medications I need. Both of us have a general outlook of "Throw some dirt on and walk it off" so when either of us goes out of our way to care for the other one it's always greatly appreciated.
***Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post; I have paid for these items on my own and have not been given compensation for a review. However, this post does contain referral links for new sign-ups that give me a little credit towards my next box(es).

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