Monday, January 6, 2014

Things I'm Loving Monday

Many of the blogs I read do a "Things I Love Friday"; I've never been *much* of a follower so although I'm still writing about things I love, I'm doing it on a Monday. I'm such a rebel.

  1. My Keurig. Holy crap, I love my new coffee maker. My parents were kind enough to gift me with one for Christmas, and while my smaller Hamilton Beach one was convenient, it was incredibly finicky and didn't always make coffee without spraying half of it on the counter. My new Keurig makes awesome coffee, tea, and hot chocolate, AND keeps it all in the cup. Plus, I should be able to use my own coffee grounds without a similar explosion.
  2. My Galaxy Note 3. It's the biggest phone I've ever seen. It also works wonderfully as a phone, tablet, movie viewer, Kindle, and internet surfer. It's taken me a while to get used to the size, but now that I love my phoblet (phone + tablet) I can't see myself returning to one of those itty bitty iPhone's!
  3. Manhattan Prep. I purchased both the note cards and the 5lb book that they make for the GRE, and it's all I could possibly need to review all of this useless crap that I've forgotten since high school and will never use again once this test is over with.
  4. Yankauer's. This handy little tool is found in the hospital and it attaches to the end of some fairly thick tubing. At the opposite end of the tubing is a large plastic canister attached to suction. Hook the Yankauer up and you can successfully suction up ANYTHING LIQUID. It's like a vacuum, only better.
  5. The return of my TV shows. I'm not a fan of fall finales; I like to see all of my shows in one smooth run (and yes, I realize that never happens any more) so my ADD doesn't lose track of what's going on. Regardless, they all go off over the holidays, but thankfully they are all slowly returning with new episodes. Because I need another reason to procrastinate and not do anything I'm supposed to be doing. And because there's no way I'll get a bigger butt if I'm all active and stuff.

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  1. I need a yankauer to suck the snot out of Laird's nose.


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