Tuesday, January 28, 2014


eating/drinking: water. lots of water

feeling: sick as crap. ab was kind enough to bring home some funk from california and i have acquired said funk. coughing, sneezing, sore throat, headache, runny nose kind of funk. miss work kind of funk. this funk sucks and for some reason it always gets worse as night approaches. it's the sleep-destroying funk

listening: to the tv and the water boiling on the stove as i desperately try to humidify the house

watching: the episode of the bachelor from last night. i don't actually like the show and i think the current bachelor, juan pablo, is a fame-whore fake but it always makes me feel better about my life when i watch how ridiculous others are

reading: my gre book and "are you there vodka? it's me chelsea" by chelsea handler. fyi, her books are hilarious and easy to read

loving: sudafed. without it i'd be aspirating on my own snot. i've seen aspiration pneumonia and if i'm going to get it i prefer for it to be caused by something i enjoy ie not mucus

disliking: this bipolar weather. i was wearing a tank top yesterday and today it's snowing and 22 degrees outside. totally helps me get over my funk faster (insert sarcasm)

thinking: we really, really should get our outdoor christmas decorations down before the hoa sends a hate letter to our landlord...again

hoping: that this funk resolves quickly. i need to go back to work and i don't want to be the one sitting in the gre testing center this weekend sniffling and coughing

wishing: i could find out now if and where i'm getting accepted to grad school. my biggest fear is that they'll all reject me, mainly b/c i know my gre score won't be what it was the last time i took it, and i'll be stuck as a bedside nurse forever


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