Saturday, January 4, 2014


eating/drinking: airborne. everyone seems to be sick and i'm desperately trying to avoid it all...which is hard when you work in the hospital

feeling: exhausted. i just finished 3 nights in a row and for 2/3 of them i worked my tail off

listening: to my dog licking himself, the tv, ab talking on the phone

watching: a new episode of grimm. love that show

reading: my gre and nasm books. exciting right?

loving: fireplaces in cold weather

disliking: this frigid weather that is 20 degrees one day then 70 the next. no wonder everyone is sick

thinking: we really should take our very dead and dry christmas tree down before ab goes on vacation

hoping: that my family and friends all got their flu shot. i've seen people die from it and it's no joke

wishing: i could stop spending money. it's ridiculous

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