Sunday, October 13, 2013


eating/drinking: drinking new belgium shift and shortly, domino's pan pizza and wings

feeling: tired. i swear i'm anemic. i haven't done anything and i'm just exhausted...all the time

listening: to the rain outside and the tv inside

watching: the most recent big bang theory

reading: a gre book and my nasm book. yeah, lots of studying to do

loving: that it has finally cooled down some and i can live on pumpkin and in boots

disliking: the stress of the holidays has begun. sigh

thinking: i have a 10k in 3 weeks and i'm back to only running 2-3 miles. i need to pick up the pace

hoping: i get all the overtime i've requested. i need the $$$ for the holidays

wishing: the government would get their shit together. it's embarrassing among other things

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