Monday, September 23, 2013

Draco (Cat) Needs a Home- Help!

A stray cat followed AB and I home on our walk last week and we have been trying to find him a home since then. He's very sweet but doesn't really like being picked up, loves the dogs, and is wary of our cats. He follows us around and loves being petted. He was underweight (still is) and has been munching down copious amounts of food the past several days. He will be going to a rescue TEMPORARILY (b/c of course they are all freaking full of homeless cats) to get vaccinated and neutered before coming back to us. Sigh. We cannot have another cat and believe it or not, I do not want another indoor cat. I'd be okay with keeping him outside, but my street is very busy and people drive very fast, so getting hit by a car is a high risk for him. None of the shelters here are no-kill, and given his personality I really want him to have a chance at a good home, which would be easier if every single rescue group in central NC weren't already full. I'm not sure how he does indoors, but given his persistence to get inside I'd guess he was once a kept kitty (that and his lack of fear for dogs and cars). With that being said, if ANYONE is interested in adopting a young male cat, or KNOWS of anyone who may be interested, please let me know. He may be okay indoors but will definitely be good indoor/outdoor or as a barn kitty. Oh, and we have named him "Draco" (Harry Potter reference).

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