Saturday, September 7, 2013

Six Things Saturday

I missed Five Things Friday...for several weeks now...but I felt the urge to publish something. I know I have family members who click on this page out of habit by now, so no need to completely disappear despite my overwhelming urge to run away and never come back.

1. I've been re-thinking what I want this blog to be about. I love to read others' blogs about fitness and running, mainly because they help keep me motivated, but I've realized that I personally have no interest in writing about that stuff. I genuinely don't want to share how far I ran yesterday, or how long it took me, or what I ate that will make others roll their eyes and tell me to just eat a burger already. I run, several times a week, but I run for my own personal health and not to impress anyone else. I believe beer and cupcakes are a food group, and regardless of the fact that I slave for 12 hours over people who are diabetic, artery clogged, morbidly obese messes, I have no intention of not eating things that make me happy. I just have to run longer to make up for it; totally worth the sacrifice. With all of that said, I'm still not sure what type of blog I want this to be, but I know it won't be a fitness or food one.

2. I received my first Stitch Fix a couple of weeks ago and ended up loving two of the items, a light sweater/jacket and a loose hippie- looking shirt. I meant to take pictures of both of them on me, but I'm not a fan of selfies and asking my husband to do it just opens up a whole new can of ridiculous worms. I will say that I've already scheduled my next Fix for Sept 20th and I'm looking forward to seeing what my stylist sends then!

3. I've rediscovered Pinterest. I forgot how many awesome pumpkin recipes appear on there and how many neat tattoos and outfits I end up loving. Plus it's an excellent waste of time considering I still haven't re-opened my Facebook account (go me!).

4. Our youngest cat is very photogenic and she has no problem posing for the camera. Enough said.

5. I started decorating for fall. I love fall. I especially love fall because the horrible humid heat starts to go away AND because it means everything pumpkin. For those who don't know, I LOVE pumpkin. Once I get back from vacation (which will be in a different post), I will begin my annual collection of pumpkins and gourds.

6. I did yard work today. That's right- I haven't mowed the lawn since I was a kid living on Harvey St but, while sitting outside enjoying a Dogfish Head beer, I made the snap decision to get sweaty and grassy. I also walked through a whole bunch of dog poop but at least the backyard looks good. I think even AB was impressed. Next time I get the urge I will wear gloves.

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  1. Just keep writing whatever pops into your head...that's always the most interesting. And there is NOTHING wrong with cupcakes and beer, go beercakes or cupeer!


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