Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RNIA (Right Now I Am)

eating/drinking: absolutely nothing. AB and I have to make dinner before work shortly though

feeling: exhausted. tonight is my third night shift in a row and i've been up since 12 with my puking, pooping, hot spot-covered neurotic puppy dog

listening: to my dog licking himself; he just had a medicated bath and thinks he's a cat

watching: a re-run of 90210; theme here- i watch a lot of re-runs

reading: secrets: the hero chronicles volume 1 by tim mettey; it's not very good but i'm determined to finish it

loving: that my sister and nephew will be moving to nc soon!

disliking: not sleeping a decent amount before having to work all night. damnit

thinking: actually...not much. i'm too tired to think (and apparently too tired to write a decent post)

hoping: nc gets to enjoy an actual fall season this year. i LOVE 70 degree weather and leaves changing...for more than a week

stetson's skin infection would clear up soon, and actually stay cleared up. this is exhausting, not to mention expensive and stressful. we've been dealing with skin issues for 12 years now and i'm sure he'd appreciate a break also

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