Sunday, September 29, 2013


This past Thursday through today AB, the dogs, and I camped at the Julian Price Campground off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We managed to snag a fairly large and private campsite, which was helpful considering we took a large tent, canopy, and outhouse. That's right- my parents loaned us their outhouse tent complete with a Port-a-Potty. It's amazing how much more pleasant camping is when I don't have to hike to a bathhouse in the middle of the night. We also took our nifty new queen sized blow-up mattress and tent heater which means we were really roughing it for 4 days!

We were hoping to get a bunch of hiking in but needless to say, Thursday was a bust. AB and I both worked Wednesday night, and we drove straight up after work, so by the time we picked our site and got set up we had both been without sleep for 30+ hours. Fast forward to 1pm Friday which is when we finally woke up again (no kidding) and managed to hike the Price Lake Trail (2.5 miles) before settling ourselves in front of the campfire for the rest of the evening.

On Saturday we hiked my favorite trail of all time- from my childhood- the Boone Fork Trail. It starts at the campsite, elevates up through a canopy of trees, opens into rolling cow pastures, and then winds through the woods alongside the creek. There were more creek crossings and steep rocks than I remembered (and wooden ladders), but the dogs did surprisingly well despite their ages and with a little help they made it the entire 5+ miles. I was especially proud of Stetson- he kicked butt.

After a short lunch AB and I loaded the dogs up in the car (okay, so they were half asleep anyways) and we drove to Blowing Rock. Back in elementary school I went there with a girl in my class whose dad lived there. She took me to an ice cream place that served blue ice cream, and I remember it being exceptionally good. I had told AB about that and he remembered enough to want to find me the ice cream...from 20+ years ago. Needless to say, we found the ice cream place (although a bit updated) along with a ton of other tourists, and behold, they had my blue ice cream! Not surprisingly, the name of the flavor was Blue Moon (also one of my favorite beers). We sat outside of the shop and enjoyed my blue ice cream for a bit, then purchased some scuppernong grapes, apples, and apple cider before heading back to the campground. The dogs promptly collapsed by the fire and stayed there until we turned in later that night.

This morning we packed up and hauled out, stopping at the Moses Cone Craft Shop and hiking the 1 mile loop at Trout Lake before heading back to Raleigh. We picked up stray kitty ie Draco on the way home (he was vaccinated and examined by a rescue group) and are now enjoying our massive amount of DVR'ed shows for the rest of the evening (after one of the best showers ever). Overall the trip was very fun; the campsite had everything we needed, the trails and weather were beautiful, and the dogs got some much needed exercise!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Draco (Cat) Needs a Home- Help!

A stray cat followed AB and I home on our walk last week and we have been trying to find him a home since then. He's very sweet but doesn't really like being picked up, loves the dogs, and is wary of our cats. He follows us around and loves being petted. He was underweight (still is) and has been munching down copious amounts of food the past several days. He will be going to a rescue TEMPORARILY (b/c of course they are all freaking full of homeless cats) to get vaccinated and neutered before coming back to us. Sigh. We cannot have another cat and believe it or not, I do not want another indoor cat. I'd be okay with keeping him outside, but my street is very busy and people drive very fast, so getting hit by a car is a high risk for him. None of the shelters here are no-kill, and given his personality I really want him to have a chance at a good home, which would be easier if every single rescue group in central NC weren't already full. I'm not sure how he does indoors, but given his persistence to get inside I'd guess he was once a kept kitty (that and his lack of fear for dogs and cars). With that being said, if ANYONE is interested in adopting a young male cat, or KNOWS of anyone who may be interested, please let me know. He may be okay indoors but will definitely be good indoor/outdoor or as a barn kitty. Oh, and we have named him "Draco" (Harry Potter reference).

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

RNIA (Right Now I Am)

eating/drinking: absolutely nothing. AB and I have to make dinner before work shortly though

feeling: exhausted. tonight is my third night shift in a row and i've been up since 12 with my puking, pooping, hot spot-covered neurotic puppy dog

listening: to my dog licking himself; he just had a medicated bath and thinks he's a cat

watching: a re-run of 90210; theme here- i watch a lot of re-runs

reading: secrets: the hero chronicles volume 1 by tim mettey; it's not very good but i'm determined to finish it

loving: that my sister and nephew will be moving to nc soon!

disliking: not sleeping a decent amount before having to work all night. damnit

thinking: actually...not much. i'm too tired to think (and apparently too tired to write a decent post)

hoping: nc gets to enjoy an actual fall season this year. i LOVE 70 degree weather and leaves changing...for more than a week

stetson's skin infection would clear up soon, and actually stay cleared up. this is exhausting, not to mention expensive and stressful. we've been dealing with skin issues for 12 years now and i'm sure he'd appreciate a break also