Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Stetson (Picture HEAVY!)

Since I adopted Stetson from the SPCA no one was quite sure when his litter had been born, but based on the woman who abandoned them the volunteers knew it was sometime during August. Being the slightly OCD-ish person that I am, I set his birthday for the 15th of August which means that today my furbaby is 12 years old! It definitely calls for a celebration being that he has survived cancer and chemo, and aside from regular aging changes, is doing wonderfully. AB has to work tonight unfortunately, so aside from a lot of belly rubs and kisses we will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow evening with steaks and salmon (yes, for the dogs too!). I feel very blessed to have found myself such a sweet, loyal, calm, intelligent, loving, faithful companion for the last 12 years, and while I know my time with him is running out, it's always nice to have a reminder that we should enjoy all the time we have together.

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