Monday, July 8, 2013

RNIA & a Prompt

eating/drinking: water. although i did just finish off my pre-workout pb&j

feeling: not excited about going to work tonight. it's another 3 nights in a row and although i handled the immediate time after day 3 okay, my body absolutely crashed for the next two. not looked forward to being exhausted all over again

listening: to the tv. as always, it's just background noise

watching: a bh 90210 rerun is on but i've seen it so many times (sad, i know) that there is no need to actually focus on it

reading: bitter harvest by michael hicks

loving: the lake and that the water is finally warm enough to be refreshing yet not frigid

disliking: my sleep schedule being so out of whack; i'm tired at the wrong times and wide awake at the wrong times

thinking: i really do need to paint something again. the canvas i gesso'ed is just sitting there staring at me...every day

hoping: i get decent patients for the next 3 nights; not having an excessively disgusting or whacked out patient helps tons for making a night go smoothly

wishing: it were fall already (what can i say? i'm tired of the humidity already)

Prompt: Who was the first person you met over the Internet?
I honestly have no clue who the first person I met over the Internet was! I never did online dating and way back in the day when I hopped on the MySpace train I only "friended" people I already knew. The same thing happened when I joined Facebook; I didn't get on it to meet new people, only to reconnect ones from the past.

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