Saturday, July 27, 2013

RNIA & Facebook Divorce

eating/drinking: water. i'm in between running and jillian michaels 30 day shred

feeling: tired, but better than i was this morning. night shift has finally started exhausting me and i feel like all i want to do is sleep on the weekends

listening: to my dog gnawing on his foot, the cat's collar jingling while she licks her paws, and the tv

watching: a re-run of castle; my current favorite show to watch massive amounts of re-runs of

reading: bitter harvest by michael hicks; yes, i'm still working on that one (it's good, i've just been slack on reading lately)

loving: that i'm finally able to run 40 minutes without becoming out of breath. my former preceptor at work convinced me to slow my butt down until my lungs can catch up and while i hate running 14 minute miles at least i'm doing it! also, trader joe's cookie butter and dogfish head beer

disliking: my sheer exhaustion all of the time (not to mention a few other things, but i'll save those rants for a later post)

thinking: the same blank canvas has been sitting on the easel for weeks now. i told my husband i'm going to just sign my name at the bottom and title it "empty dreams"

hoping: i can get out of this mental slump sometime soon

wishing: that all of this exercising would actually result in some sort of weight loss but no, my body hangs on to fat like it's about to be starving on a deserted island

Tomorrow will mark my divorce from Facebook at 2 weeks; I actually cannot believe that I haven't even had the urge to get on there once. I guess that's a sign that it really wasn't for me anymore. I do, however, love Instagram- so if you have an account and I don't follow you, please let me know what your username is!

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