Friday, July 19, 2013

Pics and Prompt

AB and I are now off of work until Monday night so we're celebrating with homemade margaritas. I have to admit that they're exceptionally good this time.

I'm also continuing to work out with Jillian Michaels (granted, we've had a love-hate relationship recently) and run/ellipticate but this overwhelming heat and humidity has made the running part unusually hard lately. My in-laws were kind enough to snatch up a treadmill from one of their neighbors for me about a year ago, and due to it's size and weight it's always stayed in the garage. However, I've discovered that I'm a better afternoon/evening runner than morning one and it was becoming more than miserable to hit the pavement (or stay in the garage) due to it being way warmer at night. AB and I did some plotting and measuring, and determined that we could squeeze the treadmill in next to my baby grand. While it looks cramped, it's only for the summer, and happily for me, I'm able to watch TV from where it sits!

Prompt: Do you feel that you are connected to your community?

My gut instinct was to say "no", mainly because of my overwhelming antisocial-ness, but then I remembered that I'm an RN and I spend 36 hours a week taking care of the community. So...yes.

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