Sunday, July 14, 2013

Ode to My Hair

Dear long hair you drove me crazy
When you were on my head
You fell out all the time
Left strands covering my bed.

Your ends were dried and split
No matter what product I tried
You were impossible to style
Sometimes you made me cry.

But every time I tried
To get you super cut
Suddenly you looked good
And the doubt formed in my gut.

Then there came a time
When I could take you long no more
To the hairstylist I went
And watched you pile on the floor.

Now that you're mostly gone
Your remains feel soft and light
You're quick to dry and style
My decision turned out right.

But as always tends to happen
I want you long again
I'll enjoy you short for now
Let the growing out begin.


  1. How about a self photo?

  2. I despise "selfies"! But I will try to put one up once I dye it tonight- too many grays!

  3. Hahaha cute!! And this is why I won't cut mine short again.


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