Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Instagram & Updates

So much for NaBloPoMo!

As I sit here icing my left knee (doh!) I decided it would be a good time to update my [few] readers on how things have been going. For one, I hurt my knee. It was that Jillian Michaels bitch; she is the devil and we are currently taking some time apart (although I plan on resuming my relationship with her in a few days). I am however continuing to run, because I know (as well as many of you do) that if I take time off from that, I have to start all over. I'm up to running 45 minutes at a time and I refuse to break the flow now (hence the ice...and ibuprofen...and ACE bandage ).

Work is going...okay. ICU is an entirely new world, and that world is filled with poop, overdoses, schizo's, and people whose families will not let them rest in peace. Needless to say, it's already wearing me out- emotionally and physically- and I'm in awe of those ICU nurses who do it their entire lives. They are definitely a special breed all of their own. I'm trying to hang in there the best that I can, but I don't see ICU being a long-term location for me.

As for everything else, it's hard to believe that summer is almost over- it's about to be August? That's crazy. Although I am looking forward to some fall weather...if NC and Mother Nature so choose to grant us seasons this year! The pets, AB, and family are all well, and we're trying to spend as much time as we can on the lake as opposed to sleeping (which night shift has been causing me to do extensively). Some in-laws are coming in to town this coming weekend and that should be a fun time; aside from Laird they're the only other nephews/niece that I have. I also have something else exciting (for me) in the works, but don't want to jinx it, so once it's more solid I will tell everyone what that actually is (oooo shady, I know).

Now, some Instagram:

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