Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fail So Soon?

I actually can't believe I failed at NaBloPoMo so soon into the month! In my defense I was up at the lake with no access to a computer, and my fabulous (say this with an incredibly sarcastic voice) iPhone won't let me post to my blog. Regardless, I missed a day but will continue to truck along. The challenge doesn't provide a prompt for the weekends so I'm on my own for a few days.

AB and I went up to Kerr Lake with the dogs and his and my parents and enjoyed a couple days in the sunshine, complete with smoked salmon and mojitos. The weather was wonderful, the water was warm, and the company was fabulous. It was definitely a nice break after the three days at work (which I'm back to again tomorrow). I also started reading a book on my Kindle, Season of the Harvest by Michael Hicks, and have found it hard to put down. It involves genetically modified crops, extraterrestrials, and government conspiracies. Shockingly, I love it!

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