Sunday, July 14, 2013


**I'm writing this post for my youngest sister, because she is the most entertained by my weakness and inability to maintain my splits from Facebook**

AB and I have both decided to [try to] give up Facebook. I go through an "It's time to give up FB" phase every few months, but after looking at my news feed this morning I have decided that it's time to try...again. I'm not sure why I always go back to it; I honestly think it's a boredom thing, however, I have managed to load myself up with other total wastes of time so I think I may be ready.

Aside from the fact that I already have 2/3 of my friend list hidden from view, I have progressively felt like FB has transitioned from "Look at me! My life is so awesome! Let me post cool photos for you to be jealous of" to "Save the world! Fight racism! Outlaw abortion! Obama is evil! More gun control! Let the illegals have free education while the citizens have to pay for it!" and to be honest, I can read the news for that (if even then; sometimes ignorance is bliss). I don't want to know that my coworker/cousin/close friend believes that rape victims should be forced to have their rape babies- I actually prefer to continue liking those people rather than wanting to strangle them. I've seen FB ruin relationships and I'm not interested in being a victim.

With that being said, I am, for the 27th time, going to deactivate my FB account and do my absolute best to not return to it. I will no doubt miss seeing people's photos, and keeping in touch with some family members in other states, but I don't feel like it's worth the frustration or disgust that I feel 90% of the times when I log on.

So Alex, here I go again....

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    Just text/call me whenever you feel the urge to get back on and I'll give you 239487 reasons not to :)


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