Friday, July 5, 2013


This morning finished off my 3 night shifts in a row, and while I was surprisingly not tired at work, I'm finding myself utterly exhausted now. I'm not sure if it was the sole fact that I've been sleep deprived for several days, or the fact that I also poured AB and myself GIANT mimosa's once we woke up, but I've been struggling to even move from the couch for most of the evening. Tonight I was planning on running Day 3 of this week (on the C210K plan) but I'm pretty sure I would stroke out in under 5 minutes if I even considered exercising right now. Plus, I wouldn't make it very far which would bum me out about running all over again...okay and it's still quite toasty and humid outside. AB and I are heading to the lake tomorrow morning so I'm hoping to get the quick run in up there (have I mentioned I despise running?).

Do you think that it's easy or difficult for you to connect with people?

I think it's easy for me to talk to people, but not necessarily connect with people. When I think of connecting I immediately imagine something more personal and intimate. Like I've said before, I'm fairly antisocial by choice, but I'm also in a profession in which I'm required to talk to many different people from many different backgrounds almost all of the time. I only connect with a few though; I guess I prefer to talk to my acquaintances but connect with my friends and loved ones (and with them there's no issue; I'm an open book!).

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