Monday, June 24, 2013


eating/drinking: water. dinner was BBQ chicken and sauteed squash/onion

feeling: fine. i survived my first night shift with no problem and plan on going for a run this evening

listening: to the tv. i use it more for background noise than to watch

watching: a castle rerun is on; i'm not paying too much attention to it

reading: still in between books! i "bought" so many free ones on my kindle that i'm having trouble picking one

loving: blueberry mojitos. my husband and pets. summertime

disliking: the humidity. i've started running outside rather than on the treadmill (it burns more!) and i'm having to do so ridiculously late in the evening (b/c i refuse to get up at 5am when it's not for work)

thinking: i need to paint something but right now i'm not feeling any creative drive whatsoever

hoping: stetson's cancer doesn't come back. it's a constant worry for me but i know it's inevitable despite the surgery and chemo

wishing: it were easier to get into graduate school. so much work precedes so much work

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